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Is it true that if you drink more water than you eat you can lose a decent amount of weight as well?
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I've used myfitnesspal but have a hard time sticking with it sweatdrop I mean I can use it for about 5 days or so, but by then my cranky side (always shows up when I'm hungry xD) gets carried away and I crash and burn the 6th or 7th day xp
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I've lost 20 (lbs) I don't count my calories and I can eat as much as I want as long as it's the right food. (:

I count syns instead of calories and I have a little book to guide me on what I can enjoy and still lose weight.

Also, I don't exercise but I do walk to work everyday which is about a 40 minute walk each way.

Congrazzles on shedding the pounds.
Calorie counting is pretty unreliable, just so you know. It works in the short run, but it makes keeping the weight off harder. It's more important to eat the right things.
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thanks for the tip, i have never really been a big calorie counter but you make it seem so easy!
I'm quite a calorie counter, and I use My Fitness Pal as well!
But I love food so much (and I am lazy) so it's difficult to lose weight. lol excuses
But I'm trying my best because I really wanna look good and feel good cool
Anyway I have around 25kg (55 pounds) to lose... so yea good luck to me! redface
And my mom has yet to change the battery of my weighing machine... so I have no idea whether my diet/workout is working (bit by bit) sweatdrop

Congrats on your weight loss! 4laugh
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I use that app too, but it is not helpful because basically I cook all my meals and it can be confusing.User Image

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