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So I have a bit of a hard time gaining weight and a harder time keeping it.
I currently weight around 48 kilos (105.82 pounds) and I want to weight at least 55 kilos (121.25 pounds), it took me 7 months to get to my goal and I kept it for around 3 months but once summer started I lost the 7 kilos (15.43 pounds) in 2 months.
I'm portuguese and I really don't want this to come out the wrong way but I don't have the same eating habits as most american so I can not possibly eat eggs and bacon for breakfast.
I don't eat too little or too much, I don't eat only healthy food I also eat fast food so I wouldn't say there's a problem with the way I eat.
I don't want to take vitamins to gain weight because I'm as lazy as someone can be so I wouldn't exercise and I'm afraid I would gain to much weight.
I just want an healthy diet that can help me have the right weight.
I don't know if this is confusing, if so I'm very sorry.
Thanks for the attention c:
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So you want to gain weight, but don't want to workout because your lazy as lazy can be right?
The only kind of weight you can gain is fat. Muscle comes from intense lifting and if you don't care too much about how much fat or what kind of weight you gain, you can just eat, eat, and eat some more.
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If you want to gain weight you eat. Whether or not this is weight is fat or muscle depends on how you eat (s**t or healthy food) and how you are training.
its reccommended that to lose weight you eat about 6 small meals a day, it works opposite by eating only 3 large meals a day minimal snacking to gain weight, the weight youll be gaining though is probably going to be fat, but so long as you keep cholesterol levels down and stay away from saturated fats its not going to be very bad for you. but if youre healthy, eat a balanced diet, and dont have any major health concerns, theres not much need to gain/lose weight.... goodluck to you though.
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I would suggest drinking Ensure. I have seen it sold in almost any store that has a pharmacy or health section. That's what I used to help me gain weight. I used to weight 100 at one time and I was and still am tall so it looked gross, I felt horrible, and was called names a lot of the time. When I drank the Ensure, I was skeptical about it not helping because it was so hard for me to gain weight. I only drank it for a couple weeks and made sure to keep my eating habits right and I gained 30 pounds over the past couple years and I've kept it. Although, I lose some sometimes and gain it back. I make sure to have enough weight so that if I lose a pound, I'm still healthy, and if I gain a pound, I'm still healthy. It feels better for find that ideal weight for sure biggrin

Ensure has vitamins in it, too, so it's the healthiest option that I could find available to me. Technically, a person can drink Ensure to maintain a healthy weight as well - not only to gain weight so it may be a drink you may want to check into ^_^

I hope you start gaining weight and are able to keep it ^_^
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Mark's Daily Apple is an amazing resource for living a healthy life.

Start Here

What if I don't want to lose weight?

A few success stories you might be interested in as most of them will relate to weight loss and just a healthier life:

I cannot imagine living any other way.

Not your typical before and afters.

My health is better than it has ever been.

Not only did I break past my plateau, I demolished it.
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I agree with Aquatic about the shakes I went up to 111 from 95lbs. I drank three nutrition shakes, along with eating three regular (and healthy!) meals. I drank 64 ounces of water every single day too. (I still drink that much water actually. Water is a must.)
It's still a process, since I want to gain a little bit more, but just by eating correctly and adding some vitamin supplement shakes to my diet, I've gained what I needed to. ^_^

Hope this helped. ^^;;

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