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When my sister became pregnant, her doctor told her that quitting cold turkey would be bad for the baby due to shocking the system with withdrawals.

Given that, I'd say wean yourself off of it.

(that's what he advised her to do)

Also, jolly ranchers and gum. Or those little most machines that look like cigarettes and are really just steam.
your nicotine intake suggests your sense of taste and smell probably aren't what they used to be? try snacking on lots of different fruits and veggies and concentrate on "tasting them for the first time." a kind of 'awareness' technique, but your newly found appreciation for foods may help stunt your craving.
good luck and congratulations! :3
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I remember my grandpa when he quit smoking used to get up and get a piece of candy when he felt the need to smoke. Although, that can be quite a bit of sugar so sunflower seeds may be a good alternative because they aren't all that bad for you and don't have a lot of sugar, or dyes. I don't usually recommend gum because they can have the harmful sugar substitutes like aspartame.

Instead of asking your husband to hold onto all the smokes - trash them somewhere so you can't go back and get them or ask your husband to throw them away somewhere so if you have a need for them that you can't access them.

I read after I scrolled a bit that you crave the hand to mouth motion. Perhaps hold something like a pen in your hand if you need that. It may look stupid, but if it helps - it helps. I saw fake cigarettes in a Spirit Halloween store once so perhaps those may be of some help because they look like the real thing, maybe feel like the real thing, but aren't the real thing.

Perhaps if you took up a hobby that uses a lot of hand motion it could keep you occupied like picking up drawing, or perhaps baking would help you out =) hope you find something that helps! Congrats on the baby =D
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You should take it slow with the quitting as you can pit your baby in distress by going through nicotine withdrawls.

Just try reducing your smoking over time until you feel you can stop all together without stressing your body. Those e-cigs are also a good way of cutting out the smoke part but the nicotine is still there so you still need to work on reducing dependency.

Yes smoking isn't good for your baby but withdrawls can be harder so take it easy.
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I don't know where you live and if it'll be the same there, but in Australia you get heaps of help. Go to your gp. Ask if the patches are bad. Here if you get a script from your gp you get them cheep for x amount of time. And talk to a professional. We have a quit line. They've just launched a quit for you quit for two program. It has an app. Even if your not here see if you can get onto the website. Could help.
May I also suggest your partner quits too? Smoking around a child is bad and doing it together would give you both support.

Good luck. Good decision. You can do it.

P.s Congrats on the baby. smile
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My mum used to smoke for 12 years. She's told me that when she quit, she looked for distractions. So when she wanted to have a cig, she'd clean something in the apartment. So, look for distractions to take your mind off of it. =)

But, I've never smoked personally. =P
I've quit smoking for about three months now. Previous attempt was nine months. Here's what I have to say about it:

1. The first two weeks to a month will suck. You will have headaches. Your mouth and stomach feels weird. You walk around or wait for something and you'll feel restless since your hands and mouth aren't really doing anything.
2. The cravings will never stop. I'm craving one right now.
3. Substituting one "addiction" or bad habit for another does help--to begin with. What keeps you going is the reason to stay smoke-free.
4. For me, the initial substitute was beer. But that obviously won't apply to you: anything that can keep your mind occupied should work. One that occupies your hands/mouth is a plus.
5. The reason for me to stay smoke-free was that I promised my wife that I'd stop once she's pregnant. The first attempt ended up in a miscarriage, hence the "restart." This current attempt, I stopped smoking cold turkey the minute she confirmed the pregnancy.

Every time you crave--really, really think about why you have to quit smoking. It really helps.

You can do it!! 3nodding
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Eating raw spaghetti sticks work for me. Just sucking on them and stuff pretty much. Also when i do bite them, the crunchiness actually helpes me with stress.
I agree that you need to find something else to replace this habit.

I don't know a lot about them, especially when used while pregnant, but if its that action of smoking that really satisfies you perhaps you could try the e-cigarette?

I would also suggest to start running as this has helped lots of smokers before. However, because you are pregnant I'm not sure it will be a great idea because of the extra stress it may put on your body.
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There are fake cigarettes you know. They have a harmless vapour in them, and they have enough of it to last a ton of tokes, so that if you are craving the hand-to-mouth motion, or just something in your hand, it hels a lot.

My sister is quitting smoking too. c:
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Thank all of you for the advise, I am now 5 months pregnant and have quit smoking entirely. C:
I recently discovered that there is a reason I crave tomatoes, though- tomatoes are a part of the deadly nightshade family, like tobacco, and contain a small, almost unnoticeable trace of nicotine.
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It worked for me. Safe for pregnancy too as wellUser Image
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If you want hand to mouth that lasts, all I can think to suggest is Twizzlers. They are edible, often sold in bulk, and require a bit of chewing.

That's all I can think of to help. ^^; But so much power to you for quitting. Kudos.
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Ask for Doctor!

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