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Hi, I have been heavy, really heavy for a long tim. I am trying to get into shape. I would like to one day be in a marathon. I really like active stuff, but I can't because it tires me out. I would love to be able to do really active things like white water rafting and rock climbing.
I think right now, i'm in the obese or severly obese category. It was so bad that, my doctor mentioned it to me.

I would like to be able to run around and play sports with my family or even go jogging with them. or just be able to walk at their speed and not feel tired.
I have been working on being healthy, but I have difficulty. I get tempted to eat junk food.
i try not to, but sometimes it is so hard.

Does any one have any suggestions?
Well eat healthy exercise 1 hour each day wacth what u eat
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I would suggest trying yoga in the mornings, do not try stressful excersises until you are able to stretch that far. You could either buy a book on yoga, watch a yoga program on TV, buy yoga DVDs, or go into a class. I would suggest doing yoga with friends at home or doing it with a class because then your friends and teacher can keep you motivated to work out! I would also try walking around wherever your favorite place in town is! I walk at the mall, do yoga, pylates, judo, and do some ab workouts. I used to be fifty pounds under obesity and I decided to do something about it. I am now a little below average size and feel better than ever. :3 I wish you a ton of luck! Make sure whatever excersise routine you do you enjoy, so you feel self-motivated also! <3 Have fun!

Walk. Walk, walk, walk, walk. And then walk some more. If you're too heavy to run and such, go for a 30-60min walk everyday. Your intensity level should be so you can still talk, but not be able to hold long conversations. Grab your iPod and listen to music while walking. I do that and I love it. I am not a fan of running. Otherwise, get a bike and bike around for 45-60 minutes 5-6 times a week.
If you're a member of a gym, try the elliptical machine. It's easy on the joints and works wonders if at the right intensity level. Again, be able to talk but not converse.

Change your diet. There is no excuse. The temptation is your own problem to deal with. Don't use the excuse that the bad foods are in the house or that someone presented a cake for you. But if you slip once, don't beat yourself down. Just get on moving, and thank no the next time. There are so many delicious HEALTHY foods out there. If you want tips on dieting, PM me. I just lost 10 pounds over 32 days, by only changing my diet.
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SombreNoir is correct.

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