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This isn't a shameless plug for the new guild I joined here on Gaia, but it is actually helping me.

The guild is trying to bring in some new members after being fairly quiet for some time, so i though "what the hell, why not give it a try". I figured trying out a new guild wouldn't hurt! And guess what!!:

I am really really enjoying the Health journal forum in the guild. I just started logging my weight and food intake. As well as sharing a little personal information about my day. It is slowly making me start to think about healthy foods and working out on a regular basis. Its nice to have a way of holding yourself accountable for your workout routine.

I suggest if you are having trouble getting motivated (like me) you should try journaling about it. I think just writing it down, or typing it out, helps to keep you on track.

this is the link to the guild if anyone is interested in joining.