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Being more active thoughout the day, rather than all at once is supposed to help with weight, but doing a burst of excersize is better for the heart.

Never drink soda and try to avoid all processed foods including chocolate.

Acidic foods are prevailent in todays society and they promote cancer arthritis weight gain stress aging sinus problems etc.

Soda chocolate coffee frozen dinners, meats, candies, vegetable oils, crackers, chips, bread, grains, and types of dairy tend to be more acidic. The only non-acidic part about dairy is milk.

And I read before, that acidic foods take calcium out of your bones to coutnerbalance the acidity that would have been in your veins damaging you everywhere. Thats why it causes arthritis, but it also causes weight gain because acidic nutrients that are in excess, when a person is dehydrated or doesnt eat right or sleep right, can be stored in fat cells causing people to need to detoxify.

Detoxifying is probably the easiest way to lose weight. And diet the easiest way to prevent gaining weight.

And if you want to lose weight don't avoid all fat, avoid processed and animal fats. Some fats are good for you actually such as wild salmon cold pressed coconut oil (when its heated it loses its alkalinity, which is the opposite of acidity) extra virgin cold pressed olive oil, and peanut oil is supposed to be one of the best oils for cooking at high temperatures. I would recomend coconut oil for cooking at low temperatures, and olive oil to top already cooked foods or salads because it biodegrades into an unhealthy oil quickly when cooked.

Also there are few things worse than soda. It can have leeched aluminum and bpa more so than water bottles would, and sugar is extremely bad for veinous health when in excess, basically any sugar thats not accompanied by antioxidants(fruits and veggies have antioxidants) then it could cause damage from free radicals.

Free radicals are oxygen atoms that are missing an electron. Uncoincidentally alkaline foods have more electrons than acidic foods. When a free radical mvoes in your body it hits into something and steals an electron, causing cellular damage, even dna damage, and that is why it can cause cancer.

Also it takes 20 minutes of excersize your your body to start metabolising fat rather than just protein or sugar. Because of this if you want to lose weight you need to have a longer excersize that isnt as intense, because you dont want to tire yourself out immediately, so the longer th ebetter.

Water is very important also, dehydration can cause stress and make it harder for oyu body to remove waste so you can gain weight from not drinking enough water.

Yet sodium flouride in water is also very acidic, so it's very important to eat greens. You know greens will have more electrons/alkalinity alone from the fact that green absorbs more sunlight than any other color, and sunlight+moisture causes negative ions, which are basically molecules with an alkaline charge, meaning they have more electrons.

So lack of moisture and sunlight causes dehydration, even depression in the winter months called S. A. D. seasonal affective disorder. With some people poor health can trigger schizophrenia symptoms, especially if it runs in the family or is accompanied by poor sleeping habits. And S. A. D. could be why depression rises during winter months. Probably along with lack of excersize over winter.

Also for people who want to get stronger but not have it show, google isometrics. Though isometrics does increase body acidity because of how its done.

Also google how to breath in yoga, breathing helps to easily remove excess carbon dioxide/carbon which causes acidity in our bodies. Also is why stress can increase acidity levels, because the muscle tension uses up a steady supply of oxygen that would have reached your organs.
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Also exposing yourself to the cold more often can cause your fat cells to die, causing you to get skinner (I wouldnt do this without the right nutrients though).

Also Im the skinniest person in my house, I think I know what I'm talkin about lol.
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no one found these helpful?
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I did c:
Thank you!
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U n t a n g l e
Ryu Kei Shou Kawazu

I did c:
Thank you!
Your Welcome.
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A lot of what you say is based on extreme view.
Yes, there is small amounts of aluminum is soda. Yes, there is way too much acidic foods available.
You can get sick from nearly anything. I'm not going to each just lettuce and water for the rest of my life just because of that (heck, even those can get you sick).
Just because you read something does not mean it's true. Research needs to be done and cited.
Most of what you say is theorized but not proven true or useful, or if it has, it's been proven that the benefits/risks are minimal.

I'm not saying you are wrong altogether. I'm simply saying there are flaws in your arguments.

P.S. Please check your spelling, punctuation and grammar.
Thx I learned some new s**t!

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