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I've have hair dandruff + Nits Problem! It been Since 3-2 years
i've try lot of products but all are fail
please suggest me home remedies or any natural way!
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First off, do not bump. This entire section of Gaia can be very, very slow.

I hear that bone broth is a good one. Nice for the skin, hair, nails, etc...
Folic acid vitamins.

Nits? Like lice? If this is a constant issue, it may not only be a hygiene issue with your body, but maybe your living space.
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I rub Witch Hazel on my scalp after shampooing to get rid of a dandruff problem.
A couple of things first:

- Are you constantly under stress? Stress manifests not only in shedding hair, but dandruff as well.
- Do you have a healthy diet? Eating healthy is important.
- Do you get enough sleep? Sleep is your body's maintenance and if you don't get enough it could result in a number of "malfunctions".

Once you have checked all that, try these:

- Include zinc in your diet [fish, eggs, soy, cereals]

a) Peel a lemon [don't grate it; grating is for putting the lemon peel in a dessert to make it tastier!]
- while at it, eat the lemon. 3nodding
b) Boil up 1 litre of water. Once you see it's boiling, put the lemon peel inside and let it boil for 15 minutes.
c) after you're done with washing your hair with shampoo and the other products you use, wash your hair with the infusion [make sure it has cooled down]; do not wash away with water.
d) do this once a week

a) mix 90 grams of rose water, 10 grams camomile tea and 10 grams of lemon juice.
b) wash your hair in the fusion every day.
c) now, some people wash it away, others don't and the results were equally successful. You should see this one for yourself.

Let us know if anything helps, ok? wink
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I dropped regular store bought shampoo altogether because no matter what I used the dandruff and buildup on my scalp never went away and my hair was dull and brittle.

My sister clued me into some homemade mixtures that I found (with some experimentation) to be much better and have noticed a huge difference since switching.

What I use is real simple.

1 part baking soda to one part coconut milk, a fourth of coconut oil, and a couple of drops of tea tree oil or rose water (sometimes both if I need to wash my hair more often than I usually do - work makes my hair really greasy). I use a palmful of this mixture (I make just enough to fill a squirt bottle about 3/4 of the way) and work it from roots to tips and then rinse well with apple cider vinegar.

Once a month I take a palmful of olive oil and lemon juice and work it into my hair and wrap it in a shower cap to soak for about 45 min to an hour. I rinse with water and teensy bit of baking soda.

So I recommend doing some research and maybe tinkering around and seeing what works for you.

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