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Hello everyone. Anyone have any ideas on how to eat healthy without breaking the bank? By "eating healthy" I mean less processed food with lots of sugar and getting something in all of the main food groups. Vitamin supplements or smart substitutions?
Any sort of suggestions would be helpful.
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You can freeze food that you buy in bulk. Here are a couple websites that tell you how you can do so. 31 Things You Can Freeze and Traditional Foods.
Plain flash-frozen vegetables with no preservatives are cheaper than fresh where I live. I can get a big bag of frozen broccoli for a dollar, while that same amount fresh would be five. Then I would have to wash it, cut it, etc.
Last year I lived off £5 a week for food, which isnt very much at all, food is expensive here in the UK.

I lived off lentils and brown rice and a few vegetables. It was depressing. Healthy food is so expensive, no wonder everyone is fat
I like to make fruit bowls. I get two different types of berries (I get fresh) one or two cans of diced pineapple in 100% juice (usually costs me a dollar) and a jar or can of mandarin oranges (100% juice) mix them all I. A giant bowl, separate into several small Tupperware containers, and snack away for at least a week. The citric acid from the pineapple keeps the fruit fresher, longer. It costs me usually less than twelve dollars, and I get at least six (with one can of pineapple) bowls.

And you'll hear this a lot: eat in season, freeze extras
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Always buy veggies and fruits in season. I'm mostly having cabbage soup and minestrone soup. Here's a website for winter veggies. Also ratatouille is really good to have right now since you can use anything in it.

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