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I'm not sure about this, but,
I'm 15 and close to being overweight on the BMI chart.
I've been feeling some pain from the top of my right leg to I don't know where, but it sire hurts when I walk, especially when I run.

I know I should go to the doctor, but I wanted to check here first..
so, does being overweight make my leg hurt?
The pain could be from inflamation so I'd try to ice it.
I wouldn't say that just because you're considered close to overweight from the bmi scale that it's 100% to blame.
You said you run, right? Well it's quite easy that it's the activity that's hurting your leg, possibly the fact you've recently started or done something different that you just haven't gotten use to.
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Ignore the BMI chart. It was never meant as a measure of health, and it's pretty unreliable. All it does is take your height and weight and put it in a formula (some advanced versions also take body measurements); the problem with that is it doesn't take into account that 1)muscle weighs more than fat and 2)someone can be "overweight" but actually have very little body fat if they have a lot of muscle (think football players or serious weightlifters).

While it's possible that your weight might have something to do with your pain, usually weight will contribute to joint pain. Yours sounds more like muscle pain, which is probably from the running. Pulled muscle, maybe?

It could also be bone pain though. If you're 15, you're probably still growing at least a little bit, so it's possible it's pain from the growing process.

Try ice and some ibuprofen (and rest, if you can). If it gets worse or doesn't start getting better, see your doctor. smile
If you are saying you are "close to" being overweight on the BMI chart, aka you're NOT overweight, then no I wouldn't say that it is because of that.

A number of people have problems in their joints or knees for various reasons, regardless of their weight. I would suggest visiting the doctor and trying your best not to put too much stress on your knee until then.
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Well, it could be all sorts of things. You could of pulled a muscle? I think only if you were very overweight would you find pain in your legs. I'm no expert, so this is my general opinion.
If it doesn't heal in a week or longer, or it is just getting worse and more painful, I suggest you go to the doctor and check it out. If you are uncertain before a week or so, just go now and get it over with. There is no need to be concerned, I'm pretty sure it is a small thing but just in case, go to the doctor.
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if you are overweight and trying to workout maybe... because you should gradually work out. accommodate to your body needs

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