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Basically I need to lose 10-15 pounds in a couple weeks.

I have been trying to go to the gym more often(but has proven difficult due to my busy schedule) and I've changed my diet. Nothing too difficult to digest and I've been eating 3-5 small meals to help my develop a quicker metabolism. I haven't had soda in a couple weeks either.

I upped my cardio because I've heard thats the best for losing weight. ALthough I do have issues with running. Hate it and I can never keep it up for long but I do other things. And I try to do different exercises every day because doing the same thing every day is ineffective.

Is there anything I could add to that to help burn extra fat? I'm almost afraid to buy pills but if it would really help I may consider it.

Are there any types of "sports/athletic" drinks/mixes that will actually help?
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Well how long have you been doing all of this for? You can't really lose anything until muscle is built underneath that flab. THEN you can start expecting results.

That's why you never really see people going "I did this five minute workout and lost twenty pounds IN TWO DAYS!"

It takes time.
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-drink water
-work out in the morning
-drink green tea
-no energy drinks
-take the stairs
- eat more fruits like blueberries and pommegranite
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-drink water
-work out in the morning
-drink green tea
-no energy drinks
-take the stairs
- eat more fruits like blueberries and pommegranite

^^^^^^ THIS

as for the cardio and running, best way to burn fat is Tabata or HIIT(High intensity interval training)
It involves short bursts of high intense workout, followed by short bursts of rest or lesser intense workout. For example, jump roping for 45 seconds at a fast pace followed by 15 seconds of jumping rope using a double hop method, continuing for 10 min, burns just as much as running a 30-60min. Your metabolism is boosted throughout the day using HIIT.
Exercises other than running include: sprint/jog, cycling, swimming, jumping rope, rowing. Anythign that uses full body movement

Hope this helps!
HIIT training to get rid of the fat (try 15 seconds full out sprinting/biking/epillator followed by 45 seconds at a slower rate then repeat the cycle 10-15, follow this with 15-30 mins of moderate cardio)

Do this AFTER weight lifting! Lifting does not make you bulky, will really speed up your metabolism! If you really want to see results dont be scared and lift BIG! If you are on a diet and in a calorie deficit you wont even put on muscle, you will just "tone" what you have. Try and work on body fat percentage or how your clothes feel rather than weight on a scale because lifting weights causes localised water retention (around the muscle so it makes them look a little bigger and is different to bloating)

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