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I've actually been able to do high count push ups in one consecutive rep.
My range hovered around 95-120, and I'd be able to do these for weeks.

Things changed though...
Now... I find myself buckling under pressure.
Going for 60 in one rep, take a small break, then hit 40. confused
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i started using a kind of method which is weird. i do elevated push ups and mix it in with regular push ups. as well as changing my hand placement if my arms start to get tired.

used to only be able to do 20 push ups...i'm now working to get past 50-60. whatever i'm doing it's working.
Started at 30 and I'm now up to 40.
hundredpushups.com is really not working out that well though, been stuck on week 4 for so long because its so tough. And the first stage of week 5 is so much easier than week 4, it doesn't make much sense.
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Death Before Dish0nor
Start by doing wall push-ups, it's the same as a regular push-up just much easier since so much less weight is applied. Start by seeing how many you can do in one go. Build up until you can do 100 in a row.
Once you can do that transfer to the floor, do as many as you can and then finish the 100 by doing wall push-ups.

This can also be for anyone, start on the floor, do as many as you can, then do wall push-ups to finish, will really help build an endurance base while your strength builds up. And forget about knee push-ups they don't really do anything.

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