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Welcome to 100 Consecutive Push Ups! The Challenge

This is a place for people to share tips and hints on how to space out repetitions on how to become physically fit enough to knock out 100 or more push ups in a row without stopping.

Normally, one would try their best and quit once their arms start to get wobbly. Don't, do your reps.
set a certain amount and than take a one to two minuet break, than do another rep while adding a few more to it. take another break, same length of time, and do yet another rep, with less this time, take a final break, again, same length, than do a final rep with the same amount as the previous one.

this is only one of the many methods one can increase the endurance of being able to do as many push ups as one can consecutively.

Many more tricks will be posted I'm sure. and I'll be logging each and every one in this thread on the first page. So let them fly.

There will be a few websites linked as well related to increasing them amount that your able to do, as well as push up plans to make your endurance longer, and get your stamina up as well.
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100 Push Ups Dot Com - If you're serious about increasing your strength, follow this six week training program and you'll soon be on your way to completing 100 consecutive push ups! - This website comprises of a week by week program, which allows you to build up your endurance and start making progress immediately.

100 Push Ups Programme - Our 100 pushups programme is an alternative training wich is absolutely unique. On each stage it directs you to train on your fitness level and it will prove to be an effective way for you to deveolp your strength and endurance. 100 push ups seems like a lot - it can sound a bit daunting. But stick with us and you will be doing a 100 push ups in no time.
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I actually started this program last week.
You can easily get to the 100 in a row mark by doing it like this

Take a three day rest break from any physical activity you've been doing.
This is like, recharging your battery. So, after that, depending on your gender, males do atleast 10 in a row on the first day after the break, girls do 5, and 10 if you're confident in your athletic ability (Girls, I'm not calling you weak - we have different centre of gravities, so pushups are harder on girls. : P)

Yeah, 10, not hard at all, right? Do them 30 minutes after breakfast, and then do 10, 30 minutes after lunch, and then do 10, 30 minutes after dinner, take a lukewarm shower, and get to bed early. Take a day break, and on the second day, incorporate a 10 to 15 minute long walk into your day. The next day, increase your after eating pushups by 5 at each set, which should be no problem at all! (Don't try to go over 5 more, because you'll do more harm than good. Stimulate, don't disintigrate~) Take another rest day, then another walk day where you increase your walk by 5 minutes, and you continue with this pattern up until you get to 100 pushups in a row! Then, take a week break, and start the cycle over again!

Hope this helps some people!

(My FB, for some pictures of MY results, on my own personal time and training.)

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Oh, fudge. I was going to prove you all wrong and go all out. I made it to twelve. emotion_facepalm Perhaps I should wear shoes for more friction against the carpet.

Okay, second attempt with gloves and shoes: 25
Third attempt with only shoes: 30, I don't know why I quit because I felt like I could do five more...
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scoobysworkshop.com has a bit on this which i found good, it has a lot on everything really the guy has helped me a great deal and in my eyes is a legend you can also search him up on youtube smile good luck with all your fitness goals whee
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When I first started, I was able to do three. I am now up to 22.
Another suggestion to increase muscular endurance in push-ups is weight train to gain size, which in turn increases endurance. Do bench-presses.
For girls and guys, when doing push ups, and you want endurance and rep range. Use them knees for support. If you do them right, you will still work your chest pretty hard.
Also, never work out the same muscle everyday.
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Going to try this. I suck so hard at push ups.
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Pushups are one of those things that really only more pushups help.
On the other hand, there are a couple things to do to make them a bit easier. Spread your feet about a foot apart, opens up some of the supporting muscles. Also helps you bounce on your toes. Roll back on them when you go down, lift up as you go up. Bit more force involved.
Other than that, find out what your muscle failure point is. Back off that by a third to a quarter, and do sets of that much, rest about thirty seconds, then do the same amount. If you can't do that, go to the first set, take fifteen to twenty seconds, still in the starting position, and do ten.
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I can't do a single pushup. It's not because I'm fat or heavy, by all means I'm rather skinny ..it's just that..I have no upper body strength. I've got 5 lbs dumbells and 10lbs dumbells. I'm not sure how many of each arm/bicep curl I should preform each day/every other day [since I've heard that each muscle group needs rest for at least 24/48hrs?].

If someone could show me a 1 week schedule of which type of upper body strength exercises I could do and how many of them I should preform each/every other day..I would be so grateful.

I'm also planning to have at least 2 eggs and a PB&J sandwich to get some protein while I workout.

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