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what really makes you like tiger &bunny ?
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It's Japanese Incredibles and how whacky Kotetsu and Barnaby are.
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Well actually I like the hints of Shounen ai. Or maybe I'm just weird and the only one seeing it haha. xp
what is tiger and bunny
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For me the show is wonderful because it has so many different aspects to it. You've got Kotetsu, whose getting older and trying to do a younger person's job, the moral line for the heroes, who have to balance pleasing sponsors and saving human lives, the importance of family to those whose job it is to risk their lives, man vs. technology, and so much more! Although I am a fan of Kotestu x Barnaby as well... heart heart heart
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- Interesting and relatable characters
- Kotetsu
- character interactions - especially the growing partnership/bromance between Kotetsu and Barnaby
- combining 3d animation with 2d animation and actually making it look good
- It's unique since I've never seen a super hero based anime before- and especially not the way the show portrays them
- character development throughout the series - round characters
- The subtle hints of shounen ai - whether it was intentional or not
- fanservice they threw in for the female viewers (speedo photo shoot, shirtless/underwear scenes, Kotetsu's sexy abs.. exc)
- Although the plot wasn't spectacular or very complex, it was still engaging and caught me off guard a few times
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Kotetsu's character is really great. He's a goof, but at the same time, I look up to him.
I stumbled across the tiny little manga first, but I really like how the animation is done, too.
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I love many things about it.
- the characters, they are so themselves, unique and realistic. even the secondary characters in my opinion
- the improvement of the characters - especially at Barnaby, Karina, Origami, Kotetsu and to some degree at Lloyds too (towards Kotetsu's way of thinking and working lol)
- I really like how some characters' (including villains) past are revealed, showing what made them become what they are in the present time of the show.
- the humor. not overdone, well-timed.
- no offense, but in the case of this show I really like there are absolutely no overdone geistures, caricature stuff like huge sweatdrops, veins, huge mouth, eyes, chibification, big tear-rivers, huge blushes etc. I saw only about one such (when Nathan snores in disappointment and he has a pig-nose for a moment xd ) but otherwise I saw nothing else like that.
- the amount of fillers/serious parts or episodes. I think none of them is too much and they are timed well
- the story. not very American-like, but interesting, and it has components that might remind you of other shows, but it's still unique
- I also really like how some characters embody different theories, opinions (about justice or what it means to be a hero)
- the details. once I've read an article of how many hidden stuff were there, it was entertaining to notice afterwards, see here if interested
- the music - although many of them are really recognizable when you heard them few times already, I still love them a lot
- voice acting (Japanese) - I think it's excellent, the tones are realistic (I'm not Japanese)
I like the positive energy throught the show
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what really makes you like tiger &bunny ?

Kotetsu, since he not the typical young gun just starting out. He's a veteran with a kind heart and knida goofy as he brings a bit of comic relief. Bunny has the main stream, Good looking young gun pretty boy thing and it balances with Kotetsu. I like the armors designs and that there is ore to Barnaby then just a pretty face.

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