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Hey guys what's up?! Are you watching the anime that's great! Who's your favorite? I hope it's me.....I could use some fans right about now. Oh and make sure you realize that Tiger and Bunny is NOT a yaoi, NOT mecha, and NOT just another mainstream piece of crap that's been fed to the general public. Tiger and Bunny is a revolutionary anime that is meant to get back the older crowd of anime fans and reawaken them to the ideals of good and evil, and that sometimes the good comes with some bad, but you can overcome it if you just believe in heroes!

Oh and here's the link to watch the series too!:

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******** HELL YES~! I've only just got into the anime about a month ago and let me tell you its so worth watching

Not only is Tiger and Bunny full of suspense but is has an amazing backstory to each of their main characters.

Love it. There was alot of laughs too. Love you tig, you're my fave. n.n
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*rolls eyes* Yes please do show Wild Tiger more love people, Please...I am tired of stumbling upon more fan service images of me then him, But yes this anime is quite fun and full of action. There is moments that do not make sense in the whole of the storyline, but otherwise a worthy show to see. I happen to love how much the characters build up preferably Wild Tigers changes throughout the story,
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You know, Tiger san, I think you need to do a harder job to convince people about this anime not being a yaoi, after reading and watching the MASSIVE amount of fanart and fanfics about it xp
Especially when you are paired with almost everyone from the series (in the fandom I mean).

The series were good. A bit slow in the beggining, but as the story progressed, you are able to watch a great development in the personalities of many of the characters. And thanks to the manga I was able to see a bit more into the thoughts of them all, as well as some details that were missing in the anime. I wasn't able to watch the movie yet, but it seems it also gives more info about the characters.
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I don't agree with your statement about other mainstreams being piece of crap, but other than that I do love this series. I decided to watch it a while ago out of curiosity and was completely engulfed into the story.

Your awesome Tiger, but sadly your ranked 2nd on my favorite heroes of the series and 3rd in favorite character of the series. If it makes you feel any better your still higher up my favorites than Barnaby.
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SQUAWK!! I like Tiger! He's a fairy!
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Kotetsu is BY FAR My favorite. I missed my chance to buy a plushie of him at the con I went to this year ;_;
I'm glad T&B is getting some spotlight its an incredible anime (your absolutely right) and its in my top 3 favorite anime of all time~
All the epic bromance between Kotetsu and Barnaby makes it hard for fangirls to not ship them
I really love Kotetsu as well as Barnaby
Honestly, I used to hate Barnaby when I started watching the show because I thought he was going to be another Sasuke character, but I started to like him once he started to warm up to Kotetsu and actually showed that he is a caring person.
Now I really really like Barnaby heart I want to hug him and comfort him soo bad
Kotetsu however will always be my favorite character

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