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So what do you think of Fire Emblem?

He's a little crazy, but I kinda like him...plus he has pretty decent powers burning_eyes

And I think it's cool that he owns the company that sponsors him. He must have a lot of money xd
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he's okay but he's not my favourite.
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I think Nathan is a lot smarter than the show lets on... especially when it comes to personal relationships. He'd have to be good a schmoozing to own his own company!
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I kinda noticed 3 sides of him: 1. superhero 2 womanic attitude 3 serious, mature (I like that one the most, you can see it in episode 6, episode 4 - after Karina fights Kotetsu in the gym or when he talks with Kotetsu about that criminal).
I find him an interesting character and I like the idea he owns a company as well smile He isn't my fav either but I like him as a character- 3nodding
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Nathan is an awesome character! Did you know that he started his company so he could be his own sponsor because he was turned away after the company that was going to sponsor him found out he was gay? Nathan gave them the finger with style! Not that he can help being so stylish, he's just that classy. You go girl! biggrin
Huh, I didn't know that about Nathan. Dear god, I love that man!
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He's my favorite character next to Kotetsu. I have a thing for effeminate/campy guys. whee
I love Fire Emblem, but I kinda wish they did a bit more with his character besides just making him this campy over the top (flaming) gay guy.
I do like the way he interacts with the characters, like how he flirts with Rock Bison and calls Barnaby "Handsome", and how he offered to sleep (not in that way) with Kotetsu when he was feeling down, and especially how he interacts with Blue Rose and Dragon Kid

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