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What's your favorite Tiger & Bunny character?

Kotetsu (Wild Tiger) 0.44404332129964 44.4% [ 123 ]
Barnaby (Bunny) 0.11191335740072 11.2% [ 31 ]
Blue Rose 0.07942238267148 7.9% [ 22 ]
Sky High 0.068592057761733 6.9% [ 19 ]
Fire Emblem 0.072202166064982 7.2% [ 20 ]
Dragon Kid 0.036101083032491 3.6% [ 10 ]
Rock Bison 0.018050541516245 1.8% [ 5 ]
Origami Cyclone 0.061371841155235 6.1% [ 17 ]
Lunatic 0.083032490974729 8.3% [ 23 ]
Kaede Kaburagi 0.025270758122744 2.5% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 277 ]
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Ivan's adorable and love Fire Emblem but my favorite is most assuredly Kotetsu! Love him :3.
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Tiger stole me heart and love him sooo much and hes soo funny <3w <3 if he was real i would make him mine and black tiger.

Tiger&bunny lover mostly tiger <3~
I really love Kotetsu heart He is a great man, a great father and his personality is great. He also really cares about his family and his teammates. heart
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Though, my favorite is Kotetsu (I love his personality and his style)... I do really like Keith as well. Keith is hilarious to me.

~It's sort of a Ghost thing...~
Buh, without a doubt it'd be my love Kotetsu~!!
However.. Barnaby is a close second, 'cause y'know...

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I would like to like Kotetsu, but he tries so hard- too hard to me- for a veteran, to be the friend of some pretentious smartass youngster (Barnaby). Add this in with him hardly ever getting a break from the other characters (being respected or simply having his role undermined) and he is made somewhat of a butt monkey. Which is a shame, because he has so much potential.

However, right now, I'm on episode 10- so if he stops getting treaded on later, I'd be happy. c:

But for my undisputable hero favorite- Rock Bison/Antonio
Not for his hero aspects, but for his character. I find him strong, bold, and respected, and personally, quite a attractive for his traditional (but not over-wrought) masculinity. Where as he is older, like Tiger, if not older, he is respected, even if his powers aren't as flashy as the others. His age is not a liability and he bends to no one! *yes I acknowledge the lack of circumstances in which he would bent to anyone but still- let me fangirl dammit. emotion_kirakira

My second favorite Hero is Fire Emblem. I like his interesting colorful character as well as his powers and usage of them, as well as his empathy and smarts. Even though he is a very stereotypical gay dude, I love that he is no weakling- he is effeminate and totally FIERCE at the same time- and he is in charge! He owns his own sponsor company- like a boss (literally *smacked with bag of cotton balls*). emotion_awesome

For the side character, I love Dr. Saito- he's smart, well-meaning, and I find him funny sometimes. c: Also, he's cute in a helpful old person/mentor kind of way- I can't explain it , but hopefully someone gets what I mean. c:
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Kotetsu heart he's so lovable, heroic and naive! 3nodding He's my kind of guy ~ heart

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