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What's your favorite Tiger & Bunny character?

Kotetsu (Wild Tiger) 0.44404332129964 44.4% [ 123 ]
Barnaby (Bunny) 0.11191335740072 11.2% [ 31 ]
Blue Rose 0.07942238267148 7.9% [ 22 ]
Sky High 0.068592057761733 6.9% [ 19 ]
Fire Emblem 0.072202166064982 7.2% [ 20 ]
Dragon Kid 0.036101083032491 3.6% [ 10 ]
Rock Bison 0.018050541516245 1.8% [ 5 ]
Origami Cyclone 0.061371841155235 6.1% [ 17 ]
Lunatic 0.083032490974729 8.3% [ 23 ]
Kaede Kaburagi 0.025270758122744 2.5% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 277 ]
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Shameless Nerd

Kotetsu because he and I are exactly the same kind of idiot.
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Greedy Humorist

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What is your favorite Tiger & Bunny character and why? If the character is not on the poll, just mention it in your post =)

Some relevant characters I left out due to poll constraints are: Jake Martinez, Kriem, Ben Jackson, Agnes Joubert, Doc Saito, Mr Legend and that crazy robot girl.
That crazy robot girl was named Chisu. 3nodding My favorites are Tiger and Fire Emblem though.
It cannot be helped. I absolutely ADORE Tiger! x3
Somberkiss's avatar

Anxious Nymph

Wild Tiger!
lucifenia's avatar

Fashionable Lunatic

I seriously like them all..
They all have different personalities and traits that I find endearing.

But my favorite out of all of them would be Ivan Karelin / Origami Cyclone.
I'm drawn to his character for some reason.. Prolly cuz he's an otaku and that I find him adorable. Haha~ XD

I like how he came out of his shell as the story progressed 3nodding
EnterCreativeUsernameHere's avatar

Romantic Paladin

I must confess a love for Keith "Sky High" Goodman.
He's just so dorky with his "Thanks! And Thanks Again!" And he's just such a sweetie I can't even.
Nathan "Fire Emblem Seymour is a close secound, BECAUSE SHE'S FABULOUS! XDDDDD
char fashionable's avatar

Handsome Hero

Keith is the only logical choice. Too cute, best hero.
Yaniee -PH-'s avatar

Interesting Seeker

All of them are really nice. It's really hard to choose. sweatdrop
Id have to say Kotetsu is my favorite but i love them all so much biggrin <3
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Lonely Hunter

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kotetsu, super original I am lol
wuts tiger and bunny ?? anywayds can anyone help me get gold
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lunatic i guess
cuz hes weirdish o3o
click mah eggs? help em grow?
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Versatile Poster

Fire Emblem/Nathan Seymour is my fav. What can I say? I'm a sucker for camp. whee

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