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What's your favorite Tiger & Bunny character?

Kotetsu (Wild Tiger) 0.44404332129964 44.4% [ 123 ]
Barnaby (Bunny) 0.11191335740072 11.2% [ 31 ]
Blue Rose 0.07942238267148 7.9% [ 22 ]
Sky High 0.068592057761733 6.9% [ 19 ]
Fire Emblem 0.072202166064982 7.2% [ 20 ]
Dragon Kid 0.036101083032491 3.6% [ 10 ]
Rock Bison 0.018050541516245 1.8% [ 5 ]
Origami Cyclone 0.061371841155235 6.1% [ 17 ]
Lunatic 0.083032490974729 8.3% [ 23 ]
Kaede Kaburagi 0.025270758122744 2.5% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 277 ]
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Wild Tiger For the Win
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Oh mines Barnaby~!
I like Tiger and Blue Rose as well.
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I love them all.
But I have a bigger spot in my heart for Kotetsu <3
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Sky High. Lunatic wouldn't have been interesting at all to me if not for Episode 16.
First off, Kotetsu is my favorite. Its crazy because he's the main character who the down on his luck guy who truly just wants to help all of those around him, except for himself. I almost find him tragic in a way. He is very strong, because regardless of what comes his way he's always able to come back from that. And what's more, we truly don't know much about Kotetsu. There's still so many unanswered questions about him. I'm hoping (if the anime doesn't continue) that the manga will answer those questions.

But truly, I love all the characters. Everyone of them has so many great aspects, and they're so realistic at times. I love how they even can put you in a false pretense like Keith. I totally thought he was going to be a huge douche, being the King of Heroes and all, but it turned out that he was just a big sweetheart. I love unexpected stuff like that. But all the characters are alive and all of them just bring something more to the series, and yet, there's still so much left to go over. I'd love to learn more about Nathan.

It's been a long time since I've seen a show with such a cast. It's fantastic.
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I like them all smile My favourites are... Kotetsu, Dragon Kid, Fire Emblem, Sainto (the lab man who talks very faintly) and that big haired assistant of Agnes (lol) biggrin

Tiger. Because he brings life in the show. Finally a main character that isn't perfect, but one that makes lots of mistakes and has a good sense of humor to go with it.

That's so true.
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just started the series haha blue rose is pretty cool, but you havent really gotton to know her character. i just started the series so thats why.

Same here! But Kotetsu stole whole show.
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just started the series haha blue rose is pretty cool, but you havent really gotton to know her character. i just started the series so thats why.

Same here! But Kotetsu stole whole show.

haha. i think the guy who hides in the background needs to do more.
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I love them all.
But I have a bigger spot in my heart for Kotetsu <3

I can tell, haha biggrin


Oh, nice cosplay!
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Tiger & Bunny seems to be one of those shows where it's hard to find a favorite because I love them all! I don't know how the creators were able to do that...

But I suppose Kotetsu is my favorite~ emotion_kirakira
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I think it's pretty clear, I just adore Keith. Lunatic and Kotetsu come in second and third place, I just wish the show could have put a little bit more focus one some of the other characters...I know they get some interesting Drama CD time and I particularly love the one featuring Keith, Ivan, and Nathan at Nathan's Fundoshi Club. Still it would be nice if some of the other characters got a little show time because they are very interesting in the Drama CDs and in their interviews. There's a great deal of depth and many of them have so much potential, I would love to see Nathan in his environment...the Fundoshi Club...and I would love to see Keith going there just because he likes the Lemonade. I think all of the characters could be show stoppers with a little more time in the sun and I'm hoping that's what will happen.

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Their all nice .__. (/.)
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kotetsu is my favourite, my least favourite is barnaby
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Seriously, this is a hard one. Everyone of them (or at least a great deal of those who have even a bit more screen time) have a story. I could say Blue Rose, I could say Kotetsu, I could say Lunatic and I could say Barnaby... Or Sky High, Ivan... It's been almost a year since I watched the anime so I might not remember all the details but everyone of them is interesting.

Maybe my absolute favourites have to be Kotetsu and Sky High. Kotetsu is the fater of a young girl and he really loves his daughter and would like to spend more time with her... It's kind of sad how he almost never manages to do his duty well (he turns out to be useful a couple of times which really made me feel nice - the poor fellow really deserved his moments of succes) and messes a lot up. He has a strong need to do good, he really wants to help others. I'm not a big fan of these heroic characters but I can't help admiring him for what he has and I do not have. But first of all it's the fact that he's a father that makes me like him so much. He's the one I voted for.

...terribly long babbling.

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