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Ben 0.11363636363636 11.4% [ 5 ]
Saito 0.15909090909091 15.9% [ 7 ]
Both 0.56818181818182 56.8% [ 25 ]
Neither 0.15909090909091 15.9% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 44 ]
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unless its a farm
Here's the rest of those figures up through the end of the year (one row is released every month starting in Aug from the bottom of the case).

There's also a lottery prize keychain of Saito

Oh god, those figures. The buyfag in me is going crazy.
I need the H-01 and Jake in my life. I need them.
I'm gonna have to watch closely as they're released.

Hah hah, my friend has the Saito keychain, it's pretty cute actually.

Those should be out in stores and online by the end of this month.
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I love Ben!

When Maverick framed Kotetsu and he was running away from the brainwashed superheroes and Ben runs into him and I seriously thought he was against Kotetsu too I was like "NOOOOO NOT HIM TOOOO" but he was good and it was such a relief!!!!

Saito is weird lol...

I totally feel with you.Spoiler-answer coming... rofl
When Kotetsu asked him in the taxi if he remembered him, i was like: "Why won't he answer? Where is he taking him? How could HE forget stuff when Maverick surely didn't meet him and Ben wasn't around the Apollon that time? Does Maverick know of him at all?" Then I got so relieved when it turned out he remembered and it confirmed for me he couldn't have been brainwashed. I really loved the moment when they shared a laugh together. 3nodding

I love both of them smile It was funny to see when it turned out Ben became a taxi driver and I remembered "ah yes he mentioned to Kotetsu he would have to get a new job". Teehee biggrin
Saito is weird in his scientist way, but is also nice and honest. At first I found it odd he talked so faintly but then I just found it funny and cute in a way. It became "family-like" that we know that's what he's like.
love tigar and bunny
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I'm rewatching this series now and falling in love all over again.
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