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Closing Edit: It's been a great ball! Thanks for the great memories, everyone. Goodnight, all.

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Welcome to the Uranus Room. Yes yes, we've all heard the jokes. Frankly, they're not that funny.

That being said, this is the Uranus room, and our theme is 1337 animals. Yup, you heard right, we're the most 1337 animals you've ever seen. If you too are 31337 or an animal, please join us. biggrin

Note: Please turn off your sigs or remove images from them to make the pages load easier for everyone.

Room Description
Music pumps through the room as dance lights flash overhead. Blacklights illuminate computer language and paw prints inscribed on the dark blue walls. Desks with computer towers and flat-screen monitors sit in one area, and the opposing corner holds a small greenhouse lighted with artificial sunlight and carpeted with real grass and a jungle of carefully arranged plants. Back outside, across one wall lies a buffet table with all kinds of food as well as a variety of drink. Tables surround a dance floor in the center of the room where people are already gathering.

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Post 1: Welcome, Room Description, Thread Layouts
Post 2: Your Host and Cohosts
Post 3: Animal Games
Post 4: l33t Games
Post 5: reserved
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(Your Hosts)

The Host:
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The Cohosts:
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(Offline: No Internet Connection)

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(Animal Games)
Do you feel lucky, punk? So, do you?</center>

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(Door Prizes)
We love you party animals, but we don't want you razing the room, so why not take a nice, cool drink to calm you down, straight from the secret laboratories of G Corp? It will even calm down carnivorous, brain-eating tendencies. If you can get it open, that is.

Just posting in the thread could earn you a Vial of Unknown Liquid. Every 3rd poster on every 30th page, beginning on page 3, will receive a vial. If you are wearing animal items, you will also receive 150 gold. Door Prizes will no longer be given out after 2:00 PM PST on March 6.

No bumps allowed. If your post is a bump or a pointless image, the prize will go to the next post that qualifies.

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(Natural Fashion)
Are you fuzzy enough?

Entering this avatar contest is free. You must be wearing at least one animal item (angelic and nitemare head wings do count), and try to keep within this room's theme. Fish hats do not count as animal items for this contest's purposes.

PM P4rt4y 4nim4l when you are wearing the outfit that you want to enter. Have the subject as "Fashion Contest." I will save the image and host it myself, so you can change out of the outfit once I reply to your PM.

Once 20 contestants have entered, or at 12:00 PM PST on March 6, the contest will be closed and the best avatar will be chosen. Judging will also take place around 12:00 PM PST on March 6, and a winner will be announced by the end of the ball.

Edit: This is an avatar contest, NOT a popularity contest. Asking others to vote for you is counted as cheating, and you will get your own vote, plus the votes of any who seemed to have come because you asked them to, disqualified.

1. Bammi Hat
2. 1000 gold and Anti Bite Mask
3. Clown Nose

01. Wraen
02. Katana no Youkai Okami
03. Sindeira
04. LeeshaJoy
05. pink_robotic_techno_kitty
06. RedHop
07. Sangaera Shiju
08. Aristeia
09. PirateMiles
10. Liefizul
11. kohaku26
12. Akitsuki
13. DruidJJR
14. Toltirr
15. Shinjuku`
16. Count Skinny Monkey
17. TenshiRakka
18. PsychodelicPenguin
19. Miss Pingu
20. Koshiba

Note: Since avatars are not saving right now, you have until 8:00 AM PST tomorrow to PM me with a pic of your avatar saved from your inventory if you want to change your entered outfit.

The Winners: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6438961
1. RedHop and DruidJJR (TIE!)
2. Liefizul
3. Akitsuki, Miss Pingu, and Koshiba (TIE!)

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(The Drawing)
'Cause animals need gambling, too.

From the start of the ball until 2:00 PM PST on March 6, every first two posters on every 10th page, starting with page 10, are given one spot each in the drawing. A poster wearing an animal item earns two spots in the drawing. (Fish hats and angelic/nitemare headbands are counted as animal items.) Bump or spam posts are disqualified, with the next qualified post being selected instead.

Once a user has earned a spot or two in the drawing, the user can not earn another spot. When the drawing ends, users will be selected randomly using Randomizer.org until all available prizes are gone.

01. Ducky
02. Cat Set (Deluxe Ears/Gloves/Boots/Tail)
03. Black Catscratch Set (Hat/Shirt/Pants/Shoes)
04. Red Catscratch Set (Hat/Shirt/Pants/Shoes)
05. Tan Catscratch Set (Hat/Shirt/Pants/Shoes)
06. Were Set (Mask/Claws/Feet/Tail)
07. Fox Set (Ears/Tail)
08. Doll Ears
09. Bunny Set (Ears/Buck Teeth)
10. Wingin It Blue Set (Shirt/Pants/Shoes)
11. Wingin It Gray Set (Shirt/Pants/Black Shoes)
12. Wingin It Tan Set (Shirt/Pants/Shoes)
13. Puppy Set (Ears/Mask)
14. OMFG
15. Hammi Hat
16. Bunny Luv
17. Cat Band
18. BTK
19. Bear Pajamas
20. Reindeer Set (Antlers/Red Nose/Black Nose/Collar/Fur/Gloves/Shoes)
21. Monkey Pajamas
22. Monkey Pajamas
23. Deluxe Cat Ears
24. Pingu Set (Mask/Tux/Feet)
25. Coon Tail
26. Bunny Hat
27. Chicky Hat
28. Space Monster Mask
29. Space Monster Mask
30. Parrot's Beak

01. xXLeonXx
02. Absolute Shadows
03. Absolute Shadows
04. MysticAir
05. Kokoro15
06. Kokoro15
07. Michitsao
08. Michitsao
09. Sangaera Shiju
10. Sangaera Shiju
11. Anime_Renegade
12. Anime_Renegade
13. Liefizul
14. Liefizul
15. Dying Star
16. Dying Star
17. koimak
18. solar_boy_django
19. Sakoiyi
20. Sakoiyi
21. Renaissance
22. Shinjuku`
23. Shinjuku`
24. Toltirr
25. Toltirr
26. Sindeira
27. Sindeira
28. go-go chee
29. Wraen
30. Wraen
31. Baneful
32. Baneful
33. TwinSais
34. TwinSais
35. PirateMiles
36. PirateMiles
37. LeeshaJoy
38. LeeshaJoy
39. Koshiba
40. Koshiba
41. Purrin
42. Purrin
43. Sevi Rais.
44. PsychodelicPenguin
45. PsychodelicPenguin
46. Pannerz
47. Pannerz
48. Neitsabes
49. Neitsabes
50. Aristeia
51. Aristeia
52. JaKePeTeRsOn1
53. Miss Pingu
54. Kenjoki Ikari
55. Shichioni
56. Vanya Cellest
57. Vanya Cellest
58. Kenshin123456
59. Syridian
60. Akimbo
61. Akimbo
62. Miltia
63. Miltia
64. Kinakip
65. crazy_lena
66. crazy_lena
67. V_V(Goth)V_V
68. Gamine
69. Gamine
70. Navisco
71. FurrieTsuki
72. FurrieTsuki
73. sephirothgal
74. sephirothgal
75. Seoirse
76. Seoirse

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(Be the l33t)
It's all a game of luck. Prove that u r teh l33t without the bad grammar.

It is quite simple. The 1337th reply to this thread wins the prize: Goti Clips. A post that contains bumps or spam will be disqualified, and the next qualified post will win.

The Winner:
Anime_Renegade - http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6418426&start=1337
*reserved if needed*
*reserved if needed*
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*PMs someone to get this out of the test forum*

I guess I will be hosting alone for a while. Valgav is currently offline, and Uneth has no internet connection.

Welcome, everybody!

EDIT: Like no one is gonna underastand that joke.
Weee<3 I want to be a 133T animal surprised
page1 = Get party started
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Thanks for moving this thread, borobdin!

go-go chee
Weee<3 I want to be a 133T animal surprised

Don't we all? XD
I'm going to hang out in here for awhile ninja I wish I could change my avatar though :[
Awesome theme for Uranus. n.n
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Awesome. =D <33
ninja I am teh l337

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