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We have no control over locking the ball forum. Technically, the ball is over, so...move on with you Gaia lives, please. wink Waiting for an Admin to lock the forum.

This was indeed fun. Hope to see you next year and I hope next year's Master of Ceremonies has as much fun as I did. Times will be tough, but at the end, it's all worth it.
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ok bye bye

EDIT: woohoo, first poster! never been 1st poster in a stickie before, i feel special blaugh
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awww... party pooper <3
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Bye everyone! Hopefully everyone had a great time at the Ball. As he said... Time to get on with our normal Gaian Lives.

Until Next Year...

~ Marmarmary

EDIT: 4th Poster!!! eek
Farewell. *hopes to be first poster*
You'll never get us out! xd

EDIT: 6th poster of dooom! xp
awww... party pooper <3
3nodding *Fades into the fables of dust*

7th poster: The Doorway to Heaven
Alright, alright.

I'm going. sweatdrop
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xP Bye, friend.

*going to defy you and keep posting* xD Bwahahaaa.
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No! You can't make us! *Is dragged out forcibly* Nooo.... crying
Do we HAVE to? domokun
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Bye and thanks for the ball! heart
<center>You will have to drag me out. mad

Edit 14th. ..;

Thanks for de fun.

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