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Yay! No items!!!
Well, that's good to know.
Yeah, that actually is
no items gonk
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yay, no items! biggrin The admins show some brains surprised
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It's a good thing there weren't any items or I'd have gotten so crazy looking for them. Too much too soon from the last event. Too close to Easter as well.
omgwtf!?! no items!! gonk
i'm sooooo sad... stare NOT! stare
this is a ball. people usually talk to eachother at a ball. stare of course, they usually dress fancy as well. sweatdrop (i'm not yelling at the admins. they do a superb job.
Thank you for posting this. ^^
ah....when is the ghosty day?? sweatdrop
Dr. Valentine
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Jimen's so quiet and unremarkable, you'd never even notice him stealing everything he can hide easily.
Having no items is really affecting how many people are here.
Thanks for posting
I kind of have to disagree with the statement.

Yes, this is a user run event.. but it is also the only user-run event.. THAT GETS IN THE MANSION.

It is already excclusive in that, so it can still be fair to get items.

But on a side note, this years event wasn't planned all that well.

-Almost no one knew about it. (I only found out because I looked up a different event)
-No one knew where it would be, a friend just happened to walk into the mansion.

I knew more about NAKIE day than this ball.

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