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*Nenya gets up on the little beach stage and grabs the mic* Testing, testing, One two. Is this thing on?

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Gaian Ball! This is the Mercury room sticky, the hottest room under the sun! cool As you can see, we're decked out in our tropical finest and partying it up at the VonHelson's private pool with cool drinks and even cooler water. Please say hello and thank you to our oh so friendly and hardworking staff as we kick it off for another year of fun fun fun right here at the ball!

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Room Description
The Mercury room is taking up the VonHelson's private indoor pool, decorated in a tasteful tropical setting. The VonHelson twins truly spared no expense when it came to location decoration [aka, working Narumi like a mule until everything was perfect whee ]. So if anything's broken or doesn't match, blame her! >D Beach balls litter the pool, there's even a section of sand with a beach blanket and umbrella set up! For music, there's a small stage set up for a live band to play, and in front of it, an area's been cleared to serve as a dance floor. Across the pool, a bar has been set up with delicious treats and drinks, free for attendees. [Mercury] will be attending the bar for today and tomorrow. Tables and chairs have also been set up for chatting and general lounging about. Our hostess, Nenya, is sitting on a life guard's chair, making sure that our most esteemed guests are behaving. Don't make her get off that chair!
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We ask that you keep with these rules if you're going to party here in Mercury.
No harassing, flame baiting, or trolling. If you are caught doing these things, you -will- be reported to a moderator.
No spamming. Bumps probably will not be needed in any fashion.
No cybering! It's against the TOS. If you're going to be intimate with your partner, don't do it on Gaia.
Please turn off your sigs! We want to be considerate of those that are on dial up, and given how fast these things can go, it can be a real hassle waiting for someone's sig to load. Go to Edit profile, and turn it off. You can turn it back on after your done having fun here 3nodding
If you're using a gradient, please keep it to colors that people can actually read. Without highlighting. Please be considerate of your fellow Gaians.
Please do have fun! It's a party, after all!
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Mercury's Staff
User Image Nenya will be your host for this weekend here in the Mercury room! She joined on June 26, 2003, and also cohosted at last year's ball! When she's not working, she's usually on Gaia and can be found in either Q&F, the LotR subforum, or scouring through the Exchange for a good deal. heart

User Image Narumi is the first co-host for Mercury, she's also Nenya's best friend, did these wonderful graphics and helped out with the contests that were put together! She joined July 10, 2003, and mostly drifts from forum to forum, but mostly she stays in Anime Music and Q&F.

User Image Multani is the second co-host for Mercury. He joined January 3, 2004 and frequently hangs out in Q&F and EF, and enjoys spending his time playing video games.

User Image [Mercury] is our ball mule, she's been working hard to get this place all done so that we could have fun this weekend heart
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Avatar Art & Edit winners / Fundraiser winners
For those of you who participated in both the Avatar Art and Edit contest and also the Five word story contest, thank you so much for participating! It was a lot of fun hosting this event, and hopefully, I'll get to be doing this again! heart

The winners for the Avatar Art section were:
1st place: Chisa - Cool Rainbow helm, Golden Laurels, Staff of Angels, and Winged Anklets.
2nd place: XxSweetChicxX - Feb letter and 3k
3rd place: xhakuhikarix - Pink Giftbox and 3k

The winners for the Avatar Edit section were:
1st place: Crazy Eliot - Warm Rainbow helm, Golden Laurels, Staff of Angels, and Winged Anklets.
2nd place: A-Nony-Moose - Feb letter and 3k
3rd place: MischiefPixie - Pink Giftbox and 3k

The winners for the Fundraiser Story contest:
1. Orna - Pink gift box and 2k
2. Rayinte - Pink gift box and 2k
3. Amaroo - Two Enchanted Trunks

Thank you to those of you that participated in the fundraiser game! It was a lot of fun!
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Mercury room Event
The avatar dress up contest! Think you can take the heat? Then join in! 8 lucky people will win prizes for who's the best dressed! I and the cohosts will be deciding the winners throughout the course of the ball, and we'll be posting the winners here. The last round will pit each winner against the others to win a grand prize! Each dress up contest will be run every two hours or so (obviously, if we're in bed asleep, we can't be running one @.@) and the winners announced. Please sent your gold entry to [Mercury] with Dress up and the round number, which will be announced in thread as well.

A couple of rules to follow:
No more than ten people per round.
You can enter as many times as you like, but you can only win once, excluding the bonus round.
No complaining, trolling, or flaming.

We've collected a -lot- of tropical outfits from some very considerate donators! eek We will be giving these away as prizes, as well as rare event Enchanted Trunks wink The grand prize will be a sum of 38k in gold!

1. Desirable Ai
2. hanging gallow
3. Jadax
4. Miss Pingu
5. Purrin
6. Koji_Law
7. Argentine
8. Falathrim
Grand Prize Winner: PURRIN!
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Other room links and descriptions.
Mercury - You are here!
Venus - Love and Friendship
Earth - Formal
Mars - Fire
Jupiter - Angelic
Saturn - Ice Garden
Neptune - Aquatic
Uranus - Animal/1337
Pluto - Nitemare

Thank you for coming to our bash, thank you everybody that supported the ball, thank you Razumi Yazura for hosting and MCing this great tradition heart and most importantly, Thank you Admins for giving us the mansion to party at this year! This is the 3rd Annual ball, so let's have some fun!
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CANNONBALL! *launches self into pool* ((Hooray for postage as soon as the ball starts... Also, my avi isn't changing for the beach theme...I'm trying to save it..))
Why, hello there. n_n
*places down her Soda and wipes her brow looking at the oncomming flood of guests* Welcome welcome! smile
Welcome to our party everybody! hehe! Looks like the pool's been used!
w00t! Hey Nenya! Whats crackin!?
Hello, everyone!

Hello Mercury biggrin
whoopie another Ball!!
*jumps into pool* :0

Woot, floating breifcase. :>

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