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Whoo, happy anniversary!

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Woot woot! Club V is a club that started May 5th, 2005. V is short for Violet, my favourite colour at the time. It's filled with lots of memories, and is where I got alot of my Gaia friends. Join the party and maybe the actual club itself? o:

No one ever RP's in my thread, and when they do it's all spam. In Gaia Commerce!? I need more RPers, semi literate. It doesn't need to be really uber long parapraphs. Just simple, short but descriptive.

Club V is a thread that first started off in Chatterbox in the days that I totally sucked at RPing. But I started to slowly get better. It became a fast moving thread, and people would come in often to RP a bar scene. So I had it moved to Commerce. But now it has been slowing down alot. Basically, it takes place a city surrounded by shops and parks. It has grown into a family oriented place. So if your characters have kids, bring them in.

Club V went under many changes. Bar, Inn, club.. now it's like.. close to abandoned. It became a family oriented bar when my husband and I had twins and soon, my best bud had a baby boy. So it's a great place for kids!

Oh! We do weddings there too. I could be your wedding planning if you like.

If you like you spar, this is also the place to do so. Just keep from destroying anything.

Um.. so yeah. o:
" Yay! " Throws around confetti and such, " Lets keep this thread alive. ^^ "
Okay, time to get out of character. I mean, people! This club has been up during the third year of Gaiaonline. It as so awesome! I actually got my first job in club V. I also met the Mrs. there too! o:
It's been such a long time. It was something to do while I got away from Yahoo and all of it's Rps. xD
Oh yeah! Yahoo days were teh s**t, back then. But then Gaiaonline opened up a new door for me. I made some pretty close friends while I was working in Club V. o:
It's where I met the love of my life. Maybe you'll be in luck too?
When I opened the club, my RPing skills were terrible, but soon I became better and better.
I tought Pihho everything I knew about Rp battling. xD We spar most of the time, but now.. not so much.
Heh, yeah. With school and all. But I don't want to be killed.. that must say something about how good he is. ;D
Hah hah hah! Oh, Pihho. xD Im that that good. Im just very lame.. v.v;
Pssh, Lame? O_o
coolio! I started gaia on May 25th! Thats 10 days after your club was started hooray!
Hehe, 20 you mean. :3

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