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What are your rules to surviving the zombie apocalypse? Maybe you can get some good ideas from others...
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don't get trapped inside a building
always carry a gun. or a crossbow like Daryl
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Keep a reliable melee weapon on you at all times
i say hold up in a walmart, that way you can have food and guns lol
my idea is to head strait to your local store because you have food water tools and a place to sleep
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It's always good to keep a Wingman!
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first and foremost, build a team
Carry a knife, don't waste ammo. ALWAYS check your back and don't go somewhere you can get easily cornered. ninja
....Or read the book. That works too, and it will TELL you the best strategies, and how to use them.
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i say hold up in a walmart, that way you can have food and guns lol

Or get mauled by infected rednecks, lol.
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i say hold up in a walmart, that way you can have food and guns lol

I have to agree with you but, I would go with a group of people like my husband and my daughter (of course, and provided they didn't already turn), this way we could clear out the Walmart if it is crawling with "walkers". I'd also probably be looking for twinkie like in "Zombie Land" lawl. Either way I'd want to be with a group so I could clear it out. Unfortunatly it would run out of food eventually and all of the produce and meat would spoil as soon as the electricity went out crying .
After Walmart was all out of food I wouldn't leave either way I'd just use the garden section to start a garden to keep making food. As for the doors I'd find a way to block them blaugh ! I do have to say all of you should go onto facebook and look up the Department of Zombie Defense they are an awsome group in Phoenix that have "zombie walks" they tell you how to be prepared for a Zombie Apocolypse (in any case the CDC does it too on their website to prepare everyone for huricanes and what not). My favorite quote from both the D.O.Z.D and the CDC is "if you are prepared for a zombie apocolypse you can be prepared for any naturual disaster". heart heart heart

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