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No, I could not.

And I'm willing to bet nobody in this thread could, either, unless they:

• Actually are in peak physical condition.
• Actually have had extensive firearms training.
• Actually have a high level of endurance.
• Actually have an arsenal of weapons and ammunition ready.
• Actually have a team of other people who aren't seamlessly, efficiently and perfectly working towards a common goal for long-term survival.
• Actually have extensive medical knowledge and the expertise to heal serious wounds.
• Actually have enough food, water and supplies to survive for an extended period of time.
• Actually have logical and well thought-out contingency plans. At least THREE different contingency plans just in case Plan A and B both fail.
• Actually have the mental and emotional fortitude to either bash the skulls in or put a projectile into the brains of people who were former friends and/or family members and are now trying to eat you.
• Actually have the determination to survive, even if it means leaving behind a friend or relative. If your husband, wife, mother, father, sibling or child were hanging on to your hand and being pulled away, would you honestly make the decision to willingly let go of their hand if it meant you survived?

I've two MAAAAYBE three of that list....ima die. My neighbor is literately a gun store and my other neighbor is kinda crazy and has an arsenal of weapons...and bars on his window...we dont ask. but other then pull the trigger i've no knowledge of guns so unless i had time to play around with em during a zombie Apocalypse theyre useless to me. we've katana's and swords coming out the arse though and theyre silent =D
hah! We'd all die! Unless you are agile and fast and not afraid to get up close and personal. Even then though, you would only last so long before you got bit and turned. No ranged weapons or swords are legalised and I don;t think they even make swords that can be sharpened and used as a weapon. Nah if the zombie apocalypse came we'd be finished!
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Says you!
I've been thinking about this for years, and have several plans in place. I've even got a BOB (Bug-Out Bag) ready to go, but that's for if anything in general happens at all. Besides, if it does happen, I doubt anyone is going to care swords and 'ranged weapons' are illegalized. I myself have a katana, machete, and a claymore. =P
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I'd probably jump out of my window after a few days. If I were lucky enough to be at home/get back to my home that is. I live in a multi-storey building with quite heavy doors. No one could get into my apartment. But yeah, I'd jump out of the window after the water and food was out, because I could not kill myself any other way. At least I'm realistic about myself xD
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Robotic reignuchiha
Oh. thanks for spamming my notices
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i know i would because ive been playing video games since i was 4 im a volunteer medic and im a social outcast with few friends
Hell yeah I would survive. I live in the mountains, I'm set. I know how to grow things, hunt; how to live in the bush in short. Boo ya.
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you only live once thats the motto
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As with any horror movie or show, the more you think and plan out anything which may seem logical will get you killed quickly. However, being dumb and ignorant will also get you killed. You have to find some way to get the audience to actually root for ya, a blend of being smart, witty and neccesary.
I would find it hard to get a good balence which would allow the screen writer to want me alive. I'd be dead in the first episode I appeared in.
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I would probably die pretty soon. I'm a klutz and I'd usually hurt myself.
I'm going to be honest.. I'm a clumsy redhead girl... I would last maybe 4 seconds lol I can shoot a gun amazingly and I'm good with a bow and arrow but I'm a complete clutz.
i would survive for a while...but then die a very harsh death after lik a month or so -_-....now if other ppl were wit me...like my family..they would help me live longer

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