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emotion_zombie emotion_zombie emotion_zombie emotion_zombie Do you think you would survive in a zombie apocalypse? If so, how long? (Be honest). Also, list some skills you have that would help. emotion_zombie emotion_zombie emotion_zombie emotion_zombie

I think I would last several months maybe a year but not much longer than that.

High Cardio- Can run up to 10 miles
Don't own weapons but have fired assault rifles on several occasions
Knows basic medical/first aid (Pre-med) emotion_bandaid
Medium strength
Own large box of MREs (Don't ask haha)
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If I'm being honest, I would probably shoot myself the first chance I get. I probably have useful skills, but I really wouldn't want to live in a world like that. I find it better to go out by my own hand then get ripped apart by a bunch of man eating monsters.
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I feel that most people would take their life. However, I would want a fighting chance
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I would learn real fast how to survive, find a group and stick with them, only if they seem to have it together, if not, I would be out of there, I couldn't survive on my own, that's for sure. pirate
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We, I say we because I am married with a 20 month old daughter, would probably last a while. My husband and his friends all own guns and I discuss Zombie Apocalypse senarios with them constantly. We have strategies and back up plans.

Our only down side would be we would have a bunch of people who couldn't do much but it isn't that hard to learn to shoot a gun.
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I think I would live to a ripe old age in the zombie apocalypse.

I know how to perform maintenance on/ fire a gun. I am also not a bad shot.

I'm pretty physically fit and a strong swimmer.

I know basic first aid.

I trust NO ONE.

Could tend a garden if I really needed to.

I can work with people, but I think I would be alright alone. Though if I"m alone, I'll probably pee while I walk because I don't want to be a sitting duck for too long. :I

I'm a pretty angry person, and I could just take my anger out on all the ghouls. I'd actually probably become a pro zombie hunter.

I think I'd have a little trouble adjusting because I'd miss my tv, internet, and cell phone...but yeah that's it.

I don't think I would, I would lock myself up and cry lol.
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risa ai

I don't think I would, I would lock myself up and cry lol.

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I think I'd survive for a few years or to a ripe old age.

I'd probably end up leading a group but probably one that's a cult or group like the one the Governer leads in the Walking Dead comics (I'm sorry but knowing me that's what's likely). I wouldn't get killed by a zombie. I'd really miss TV and the Internet.

Skills that help me:
Swordmanship (could help with bat or sword)

thinking up traps ideas
Speed-reading (when possible, could self-teach myself for other skills)
Basic First Aid
Resourcefulness (if you can't use X, use Y instead)
Intelligent/able to figure things out quickly
I'm also a good swimmer
art skills (draw signal warnings/signs for other group members)

Skills that would be useless:
computer skills
ide b the second 2 die! gonk crying
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I'd last a few days.
... that's probably it.
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I would survive because:
I am pretty strong
I can live off the land(born and bred country girl)
I can run fast for a decent amount of time
I know First Aid
I am very smart and tactical

However, I do have strong family and friend ties so I would probably go crazy if I had to lose them.
Yes, I do think I'd survive. :3
I think I might survive for a few days LOL

Then either trip on a stick and get eaten alive, or die from exhaustion

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