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I feel like Daryl, as crazy as he is, is so likeable compared to the others. Hes such a bada**.
And Glenn, I see the potential in him. I like his character growth so far.

And Lori is my least favorite. Which is pretty obvious why, especially after flipping out on Rick which was unnecessary.
Though I dont like her character I dont think its fair to slut shame her.
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.T dog

Characters i don't like
Sophia and Carl, I found them annoying

They need to put a bell around Carls neck. God. I can't stand Lori or Andrea.

I love Daryl, Rick, Glenn and T- Dogg.
Dale was definitely a favorite, and so is Glenn. I really like how Glenn is growing up and trying to defend Maggie. It's adorable.
I can't stand Shane. Every time I'd watch it, I'd be screaming for Rick to kill him.
Oo Derpette oO

They are coming back third season.

Yeah i figured as much ^^
Hey, science freaks! Wait, that sounds mean, I'll try again-- Hey there, huge freaks of the science world! Ah... hmm. I'll come back to that. We're so loaded with new data this week that I haven't had time to formulate a non-disrespectful greeting! Oh well, I don't mean anything by it, but let's get right to it, shall we?

Oh no, Crazy Murderer Keith's girlfriend has tracked Timmy down and wants the jacket back! In your intrepid host's opinion, that girl is a real piece of work in the worst way. I'm not saying there'll be a rumble going down, but if she starts trouble with Timmy she'd better watch her back!

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What an update! Those of you who have an eye for both science and fashion will have your hands full, I'm sure! Oh, and I think I got that greeting thing fixed, let's try this: "Hi, everyone!" There we go, it feels so much more natural and polite that way! How do you feel about this week's evolutions? Grease up your voting finger and visit our weekly EI poll!
Rick, Sean and the governor. Those are epic characters

All the rest are good ones but just not that good enough.
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My favorite is Glenn. He´s just so.. nice, and is actually quite useful in the right situations, as we already know from season 1. I find myself screaming at the TV whenever he is in danger.

I hate Lori. She can´t keep an eye on her son for the life of her, can´t drive on an empty road without getting into a ridiculous car accident, and quite frankly, I think she´s a skank. I bet you if Rick + company would have brought back the two guys from the bar, Lori would have been milkin´ the smooth-talker.
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like 1.Daryl

1.SHANE (has too die)
2.All the Woman's except Maggie and the mom of sophia
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OUO this thread is a success!
I really like Daryl.. he risked his life for Sofia! This big ol' tough guy! It was soo cute! I don't like Carl. He is such a trouble maker.. and is always in the way.
love love love daryl hate hate hate shane, andrea, and slowly starting to hate lori......so ya biggrin

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Umm... THE ZOMBIES!! yum_puddi yum_puddi yum_puddi
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Favorite Character - Daryl Dixon

Daryl doesn't get a whole lotta' screen time. Since his introduction he's only received one episode's worth of heavy development and he was never around for more than a few minutes in any given scene from the second season. That said, he has not been a source of danger or drama for the group beyond the attempt to rescue Merle in the middle of the first season. Despite his rough-around-the-edges characterization, he was the most dedicated person amongst the survivors during the long and hopeless search for Sophia. He executes Rick's agenda with a minimum of fuss and has produced results like no other member of the cast can claim to have done. He also scores points for having been portrayed by Norman Reedus.

Least Favorite Characters - Lori Grimes

I hate this woman. She is the progenitor of so many crises within the group that her inability to take any responsibility for herself has marked her for death in my mind. The Lori Grimes of the printed page is absolutely nothing like the selfish and thoughtless c**t we see on cable television. She is constantly leaving Carl to his own devices (which has proven dangerous on several occasions), and is the source of antagonism between Rick and Shane towards the end of the second season. While it is worth noting that tensions already existed between these three, it is Lori's actions that catalyzed Rick and Shane's final confrontation in the grassy field. She's lucky that Rick and Carl found one another before the farm was attacked, because the only thing that kept her boy alive was Rick's plot armor.

She dies at the end of the Attack on the Prison arc in the graphic novels; I can only hope that she's killed on television some time before the survivors leave the prison (towards the end of season 3 or 4, perhaps).
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fav: the Asian dude >__< sorry brain fart.
Least fave: Shane, thank goodness he's gone. i was kinda hoping he'd turn his attitude around but this works too.

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