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what do you think it was....??
Could have been anything. Some people think (possible spoiler? I have no idea), that he could have told Rick that everybody was already infected. I don't know.
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I'm going to guess he told Rick that everyone is already infected and that the virus takes full effect when a body 'dies' or hits a necrotic state. The only thing against this is that the people on the highway who were dead did not reanimate. However, there could be a loophole that either they died before the infection spread to them or that they just haven't reanimated... yet.

Although we'll know what it was he whispered to Rick by the end of season 2. It's been confirmed.
Pure Ego
what do you think it was....??

I dont know, Makes you kinda, stop and think dosent it?
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think that was about one of the group being infected, but never heard or saw any more on that so it could be one of the already dead.
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I don't know.... could have been anything.
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the ones that were zombies in the cars....i bet they starved cuz they couldn't open the door. if they can starve.

if not, they probably went into a state of hibernation to conserve whatever energy they're running off of until something wakes up them (a broken window, the scent of blood?)
"Did you know there's a black guy named T-Dog in your group?"
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That makes sense, in a way, that everyone is already infected. Remember the two zombie cops!? the ones that didn't look bitten? And they really didn't have scratch marks on them!

OMG think about it, If Lori miscarries the baby, will the baby rip out of her like in Aliens, killing her? Zombie Fetus...XD
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maybe he just confessed that he was gay..
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I thought he told Rick that Lorie was pregnant.

I guess not. -Shrug-
I always wondered about that. i guess we are just gonna have to wait and see crying
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    I don't think humans, at least in the world of TWD, can carry around the virus without succumbing, at the most, days after infection. The only zombie-infested world I've read about with dormant zombie infections was in the book Feed.

    I assume rates of infection depended on the circumstances. People who were bit but got away died later of the infection, not the wound. However, someone like Amy, who bled out from the massive bite in her neck, died of the wound but the virus eventually "traveled" to her brain, resulting in her not reanimating for several hours. Here is where my theory goes a bit off because I'm not sure viruses can survive in the stagnating blood of a dead person. However, this is a zombie virus we're talking about.

    Also, I know humans are always covered in bacteria, germs and dormant viruses, and it's actually good for our immune system to have exposure to the weak stuff to prepare for stronger strains (which is the idea behind vaccines). However, rapidly mutating viruses change their genetic material at such a rate to make antibodies obsolete to their new form. This is why there is no "cure for the common cold", because the commonness of it ensures several and rapidly mutating strains.

    All this slippery medical knowledge that you can totally correct me on leads me to my ultimate point: I don't think the humans in TWD had any sort of immunity toward the virus, considering the rate of infection and the few weeks it took for the world to go to s**t. And I assume something this infectious would know how to survive, something assured greatly by mutating and perhaps its speed. Clearly the virus works fast so an immune system wouldn't have a chance to eliminate it. Therefore, I don't think Jenner told Rick about everyone being infected. Frankly, I think the producers of the show completely forgot to add that to their meandering plot.

    ... And so concludes my essay.
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Mr McMichael
maybe he just confessed that he was gay..
i knew it

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