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What, who?....o:

Walker 0.049382716049383 4.9% [ 4 ]
Survivor 0.7037037037037 70.4% [ 57 ]
Lurker? 0.08641975308642 8.6% [ 7 ]
gold 0.16049382716049 16.0% [ 13 ]
Total Votes:[ 81 ]
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Dangerous Loiterer

I'm a skilled gunner, and sniper-in-training. However, I'll probably end up being a walker in the end. But"In The End", It doesn't really matter, as long as I helped the human race somehow. And, In all honesty, how would we keep up the with the zombie troop count?!
I could probably survive, at least for a while. I'd likely become a walker/ die in the end, but I'm confident I could last for a few months or so.
survivor for sure smile
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Dangerous Loiterer

I just found a solution to a zombie attack!


We can use this against the zombies! They'll never stand a chance with this on our side!
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I would be the King Zombie and everyone would perish at my command. twisted
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Apocalyptic Genius

Heh, where's the poll option for simply "Dead?"

Because I know damned well, realistically thinking, I won't survive. I might even be a walker---just lunch for one.
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High-functioning Sleuth

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I would probably survive for a while, depending on how long it last. I mean because there is only two end results.

One is most probable- anyone who isn't hunkered down safe with plenty of food & water will die. Eventually the zombies would over run everything if no solution is created. Which would have to be an anti-virus or something but I could foresee that the zombies could over run all facilities by the time one could be created.

The other is we are able to contain and destroy the hordes. But that is a lot less likely, especially if it spreads by air, but whatever. *shrugs*

I'd survive for a little while, maybe not years but at least a few months. I'm an alright shot, know how to use knives decently well and quick. I also have a bunch of gun nut hubby, family and friends- my uncle is prepped for a zombie attack (I wont even go there right now >.> wink but my own downfall at this time would be my daughter. She's not even two yet. So it would difficult to get around quickly with her but it is still doable if your smart about each and every move you make.
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love love love this show, so addicting! xp
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Dangerous Member

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Aaaand Daryl's pretty hawt. In Boondock Saints too! Smexy dude redface
I'd be a survivor. Simply because of how I am and where I'm living.
I imagine I'll survive for a little while at least...Then I'll either go crazy or end up playing the martyr.
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I would be the King Zombie and everyone would perish at my command. twisted
zombies don't have a king, they are just a mob of individuals!! emotion_zombie emotion_zombie emotion_zombie
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Blessed Friend

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I would try my best to survive.. but.. I wouldnt want to live in my nightmares.. I hate zombies emotion_kirakira
I would kill myself if I was alone emotion_8c
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Blessed Prophet

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i would live, cause i live in the middle of nowhere and you can see ppl coming from miles away 3nodding

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