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forget guns. they require maintainance, and bullets, which will become increasingly scarce over time.

i choose a metal baseball bat (filled in with concrete or, ideally, melted down metal) as my main weapon.
lightweight, yet effective. a lot less maintainance required unlike bladed weapons that need to be kept sharp, and unlike bladed weapons, much less worries about getting it stuck in a zombie.

secondly, i choose a crossbow.
ammo can be potentially collected and reused, and its pretty easy to make more ammo out of many supplies around you.

as last resort, if a zombie did get right up on me where i cant get a good bat swing, then I'd be carrying some sort of handgun and several unimportant but sturdy knives.

for more on this, Here
ak-47 for sure!
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Guns are too loud, katanas are worthless, crossbows will get you killed.

I'm going to use a full suit of plate mail reinforced internally with chains to avoid being pulled apart easily, with spikes welded to the gauntlets. Hand to hand combat against WAVES of zombies while being invincibile. Aww. Yes.
Taco shooting gun
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gotta think about ammo capacity id go with the mine-gun
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I would use the ak-47 and that would would be fun.
i also would choose the ak-47 assault rifle. scream
Resons a AK-47 would work:

1. Reliable as hell
2. Spare parts everywhere
3. 7.62 rounds are abundant
4. large mag capacity
5. adaptability with folding butt stock
6. stopping power

Keep in mind this is not info from COD, I regularly shoot AKS at my local shooting range.

Reasons why AK-47 WONT!! work:

1.too loud
2.Needs a heck lot of ammo
3.If you shoot, more and more zombies are gonna come towards you
4.bad when it comes to close range p.s. zombies might attack you from behind
5.use a katana or other short ranged weapons do not use AK-47 as a blunt!
6.When the bullets are all used where can you get more!?
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i would use a shotgun with pump action since hat thing is strong
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Realistically I wouldn't use a gun. I'd most likely use a metal baseball bat if I HAD to confront one, but I'd rather avoid that.
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I'd use any machine gun
..i'd also use a flamethrower xD
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secondly, i choose a crossbow.
ammo can be potentially collected and reused, and its pretty easy to make more ammo out of many supplies around you.

I'm with you, except on this part: why not use a bow or a composite bow? You can arguably draw and fire arrows more quickly with it in heated situations. Crossbows could potentially take a longer time to load, which might be dangerous if you have a few barreling down on you...
Katana. Ninja style, baby! 8D
i ill use ak-47u and an skorpion
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Probably a .357 magnum.
I just like magnums okay. D:

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