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Well, if it's airborne, then Rick knows he's already infected, so it doesn't matter if he cuts his hand. We just don't know.

Besides, if you watch closely, he puts a bandaid on after he cuts his finger at the fence.

He doesn't have to be infected already if it's airborne. There are plenty of diseases which are airborne that doesn't mean everybody is already infected. Even after putting on a bandaid though he'd still be at a greater risk of infection.

Either way i hope they let us know what the doctor said before the season is over.
Wouldn't a bandaid decrease infection, I mean pathagens can't get through a band-aid.

I dont know but my blood can seep through a bandaid wouldn't that mean the zombie blood can also seep through from the other side? i didnt see him put on a bandaid but im sure he doesnt have a proper one, probably just a piece of cloth. plus when he uses his hand it would bunch up right?
Probably, but I'm sure something is better than nothing.