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Hey who is STUPID
Glenn by far haha. It hurts me to bash on a fellow Asian, but that guy is dumb.
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I feel like Merle is the dumbest, or perhaps not too quick to think? He knows what the Governor is capable of, and yet 1)he lies to him about killing Michonne and 2)he tells him that Daryl is his brother. At the mid-season finale, both of these mistakes have come to bite him in the butt.

Truthfully? I hope Andrea saves Daryl and Merle, if only so that Glenn can kick Merle's butt for what he did. Yuck.
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Michonne is one of my favorite characters in the show but if she wasn't too stubborn about leaving Woodbury, none of them would be in this mess...
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Out of all the characters, Lori.
Actually, She didn't do anything too stupid. She just pissed me off. >.>
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some of them get on my nerves but i don't really think of any of them as stupid. most of the time i can kind of understand their situation or where they're coming from if i try to put myself in their shoes. except carol's husband, whatever his name was, he was a ******** dumbass stare
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Andrea and Carol I ******** hate those bitches.
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Hmm. . . Rick would be a close runner up but I'd have to say that Andrea makes the stupidest choices. She has the WORST taste in men talk2hand
I vote Andrea.
I think Glen did a great job in a bad situation.
They're all pretty stupid.
I think Michonne is the least stupid.
Andrea is probably the stupidest.
Funny how they got paired up.
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That super violent Prisoner that turned on his friends.

Really bro, you have a large group of armed survivors on your doorstep and you have to wave your d*ck around by being a complete unreliable idiot who doesnt even show any loyalty to your own friends? Who the hell would want to share a zombie apocalypse with you?
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I'd say Andrea, but I have my moments when I cheer her on. I'd say the stupidest is Haley the Woodbury citizens.
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Shane while he was alive but currently, Andrea.
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Glen by far.

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