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Hm....He does need to die. He keeps drama interesting though...but Andrea or Shane needs to go...They both create enough drama for everyone. Only one needs to die. If Andrea dies then we only lose a little bit of the drama.

Now I could live with Shane going and then Andrea filling his shoes. I don't know why but there is something about having female antagonist because most of the time they get into the psychological warfare. While men much like Shane just go with testosterone fueled violence.
When I saw Rick leave Shane, I was like,
hell yeah bxtch ! shane's going to die !
Then when that didn't happen, I was like,
But I guess television wants the drama.
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If I were there, I would have used Shane as zombie bait a long time ago.

I think that the group will split. I think that Shane & Andrea will be leaving together. I'm sure some of the others will decide to go with them.

If this doesn't happen, I wouldn't be surprised if Shane did die, nor would I cry over it.
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I ALMOST thought Shane was going to die in that school bus, but when Rick saw the bodies of those two cops, I knew he would go back. Still, I really enjoyed that "OSHIT" expression on Shane's face when he saw Rick leaving with Randal. That's just a little taste of his own medicine, since Shane is willing to leave other people behind AND he thought Rick wouldn't be ballsy enough to do it.
I never thought Rick would have the balls and leave him behind like that even after the fight. I was really shocked he just walked away with Randal at first.
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Yes Shane is a butt, but i have a love hate relationship with him. Love because hes not afraid to kick a** and take name, Hate becauase he goes about doing what he thinks is right the wrong way. stare
The only reason they keep Shame around is for the drama. The baby is possibly (most defiantly) his, he's a p***k, and causes trouble with everyone. It keeps the show interesting, without him everyone would get along somewhat fine. He makes sure to stir everything up.
They'll probably be saving it for the last episode.
well in the comic book shane gets shot by the sheriffs soon (sorry name escapes me)
While yes, I agree that without Shane there would be no drama I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed that when the walkers come it's almost ALWAYS Shane's fault?
Shane needs to grow a pair I mean seriously. scream
yes i think so to sweatdrop
Rick looked down at the two security partners and it reminded him that Shane was his partner as a cop and it made it nearly impossible for him to just leave him behind. He merely cared too much but Shane does have to go. Too dangerous to keep around.

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