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Does anyone think using any kind of martial arts on zombies a wise idea? My view? So long as your flesh aren't near their mouths longer than 4 seconds.
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I'd say it's a smart idea as long as you

1. Are in a horde..
2. Get near their mouths

It might be hard punching the skull/brain? Idk? Can you punch through a brain..?
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I think martial arts really would be useful for anyone non zombie you run into that threatens you or your group, but zombies....I would still like some kind of weapon in my hand.
It doesn't have to be too advanced, but the zombie that you're attempting to fight better be pretty decayed for you to deal head damage. I mean in Episode 5 of the game, Kenny ******** pistol whipped a zombie dead. Made it his b***h.
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I'd agree with masterninjabunny. Freshly turned zombies are gonna be tough to punch thru the head in order to get to the brain, so unless you're name is Iron Fist or Shang-chi I'd steer clear of the martial arts vs. the undead.
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I think it'll be best just to use weapons on them, I ain't taking any chances.
Martial arts would be fine so long as your wearing protection. I always said that I would wear armor of some kind something like leather biker stuff with some good gloves. Get some good gloves and something to use in your hand like a knuckle duster. However a hammer or something would be easier. I have a nice spiked tomahawk. Any splatter may be risky to you rarely see in these shows the splatter causing someone to get infected. Wearing a helmet is a good idea.
Martial arts would be useful in a sense of controlled direct movement, as for solely protecting oneself - I wouldn't count on it. You want as little direct flesh contact as possible, the closer you get, the more likely you're getting bit. You could use martial arts moves to back up a weapon such as a kendo (sword) or bojutsu (staff) and do enough damage to kill a zombie.
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Eh, the closer you are to them, the worst. Long distance is much easier, much safer, and much more useful. If you use punches or kicks on 1 zombie, there's probably like 30 more behind it. You'll get surrounded, get pushed to the ground, get eaten, and become what you kill.
No one knows really what zombies would be like or how they would(if the could) infect others,
I for one wouldn't use martial arts , and wouldn't even try, just to be safe of course lol
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In most martial arts you learn the value of defense and channeling your energy in ways you can harm or stop what your offender is doing without killing them. Zombies don't have pressure points or nerves, so that would pretty much outrule any attack you're using below the head and like Konpon said, it'd be pretty difficult for you to punch or kick through a skull, much less 20 or 30 of them. Unless you're Cottonmouth from Kill Bill or are skilled in Battojutsu you're not going to have much luck with zombies using only martial arts.
No time for kicks and flips with flesh eating monsters. Get a weapon. stressed
not with bare fists. it's not designed to penetrate and do damaged to the brain.
You can use the Wing chun style like Yip Man.

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