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Or maybe he does get bit
but his DNA bonds with the virus, like Alice in the Resisent Evil movies and becomes immortal.
Daryl becomes a bigger baddass. ;o

Idk, I think he gets as badass as it gets. 83

I believe that people could always grow as more of a person than what they are.
Daryl can become a bigger baddass.

I'd love to see that. :3

Me too :3

^-^ It's gonna be sooooo gooooooddd.
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I don't know. Daryl is becoming sort of a sacred cow in the show, and that's not necessarily a good thing. I like Daryl's character too, but it will get boring after a while if he's too popular to kill off and you think he's safe. I don't want him to die from the fight with Meryl, though. I would love it if he got a big, dramatic exit where he either sacrifices himself for the group or otherwise furthers the plot. Like T-Dog saving Carol.
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NO they better not kill daryl ughh. i mean it's bad enough that he isn't in the comics!! )-:

REALLY? ; n ;

nope. im readimg them and hes not
Daryl by far is the best character on the show.
I'll rage if Daryl dies. ;_; I love him. He's my favorite. Rick's gone crazy. He's practically the only sane one left.
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I don't read all the posts, not sure if this was already mentioned.. But in the preview for the new seccond half of the season you see Daryl alone in the woods with his crossbow. Which makes me think that he lives. c:
I feel like daryls brother is going to let him win so his little brother can live on
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I don't want anything to happen to Daryl, either! He's my favorite character.
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I think they're gunna kill Merl. I think Merl sacrificed himself for Daryl. Just saying. surprised
I don't want anything to happen to Daryl either and I have a feeling nothing will happen to him...yet I have to admit that I do get surprised by who dies, like when Dale and Lori died.
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We can only hope.
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i sa a shirt at hot topic that had a pic of daryl on ot and it said "if daryl dies, we riot" im gunna get it

I want. ; n ;

i have

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