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Without Dale, no one would be in Nebraska anyway. It's his RV.
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The point of Dale riling everyone up was because he wanted to know if they were all willing to kill the kid in cold blood.
You sound like you have no idea what the message of the scene was at all.

No child was involved.
He was pretty young he does not have to be like Carl's age to be considered a kid especially to someone as old as Dale.

Your comments are irrelevant I will cease talking to you.

Oh gee. Someone on the internet doesn't like differing opinions. He's already graduated from High School. He took part in the rape of two teenage girls. He tried to kill them. They should have never brought his a** back.
Without Dale, no one would be in Nebraska anyway. It's his RV.
I didn't say he should have gone sooner! Just that it works for him to be gone now.
oh ******** u man dale was telling some reasonable info and he was the only one with a good hart everyone else is just ******** me? Because I have a different opinion than you do? Grow up. If you read the whole thread, you would know:
A, I liked Dale the most.
B, I only posted this to get a rise out of all you slower Gaians.
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2 words

F*** you.
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I was hoping he would die ever since he told that stupid watch story. Next on the list:


Honestly, I kind of wish they'd make a spin off series where Daryl and Shane roam the zombie infested waste land in a sort of buddy-cop style, with Glenn as their adorable third wheel, and maybe Rick as some sort of ball busting lieutenant.
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He was kinda up in everyone's business, but he was right.
Dale was cool.
I liked him better than Shane. classified_fu
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xxxxxI actually have nothing against Dale. I think that he was trying to keep his humanity and some form of order despite what has happened. I admit that many of his ideas were outdated in the apocalypse, but nothing more. In fact, I can actually sympathize with his argument against killing the kid, although I don't completely agree. He was arguing against killing people if they pose any sort of threat. And I agree that if you start doing that, where do you draw the line as to who should and shouldn't be killed?

xxxxxAs for who should've been killed, it definitely should've been either Shane or Andrea. They are getting insanely annoying. Especially Andrea, who knowingly let that girl attempt suicide.
Dale was my most favorite character in this series; to me he has been one of the most level-minded characters in about most everything. It’s true that Dale is old and was unable to do contribute as much as the other members of the group; in the view of others, Dale is consider as being useless. He has put great thought into the situations the group have found themselves in, which is a key value needed to survive successfully. Sure you can say Rich also puts a great deal of thought into what needs to be done in order for the group to survive, but Shane has become this factor that has Rich second guessing himself about what needs to be done for the group to survive.

What needs to happen now; Rich needs to put his foot down even more to Shane and stop second guessing himself because of Shane. Though Rich may have confronted Shane already; Shane is still holding the power over Rich second guessing himself.
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its probably a good thing he died...now the group can start making these tough decisions without archaic notions....
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2 words

F*** you.
You're ignorant.
If you read the whole thread you would know I liked Dale. ********.
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r.i.p. dale. that was the most shocking walker killing yet. eek that was not what i expected, we are use to bites not seeing someone ripped apart wahmbulance , it was great. i kept shouting no dale, and alright over and over. i'll miss you dale. heart
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Felicity Roze
i kinda agree...i'm sad that he is gone, and he was the moral compass of the group...but in that kinda world morality could possibly get you killed. i don't know if yall have seen the preview for the next episode but saving randall was a mistake. dale might have made them rethink things....and even have saved their lives because of his words, but survival comes first. its just that morality and survival don't really mix.

EDIT: and Shane is that much closer to taking over the group, which should not happen.
if it is a mistake i dont think morality will have killed him. I think bounding him, shoving him in a trunk, locking him in a barn, numerously threatening to kill him, beating the crap out of him, interogating him, shoving guns in his mouth and all of that crap spewing from rick and Shane's mouths probably had a bigger hand in him doing something negative; Not the morality. Hell maybe if they came to dales decision IN THE FIRST PLACE. things could be different.

i understand that, for me though...randall was a hazard from the beginning. they should have left him in the town. i know that sounds mean but its what should have happened. Dale was wrong, i'm sorry he was. this guy couldn't be trusted. there is no saving him, locking him the barn means another mouth to feed...with food they don't have have. all in all randall shouldn't have left that town. i'm leaving it at that.
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I usually laugh and love watching people get ripped to shreds in movies and TV shows. But when I saw him die, I felt sad. D:

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