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Tell us your favorite character and why below.

Mine: Glen. Why? He is one of Tok well ur PG-13HE only living Asian you see.
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u l z z z a n g
Daryl. no questions asked.

Pretty much. I'll give Glen and Rick their due, but while I thoroughly enjoy watching the cast of TWD interact, most of them I can't stand.
What's so epic about being asian? I'm asian, and I'm okay with it, but what's the buzz about? I like Lori, she's pretty awesome to me. Daryl's cool too, but he's that guy that all girls want. Cool looking, alittle rude, but on the inside, a sweet heart. o;

Lori? Why?
She's the dumbest b***h I've ever seen!

Hmm, I dunno, I just like her. The way she thinks of all situations, the way she wanted her baby to live, even when she had to die. Even the way she dresses. I can admit, she can be stupid as some times, but who hasn't?

I understand that bit. I'm also Asian as well. I suppose I just felt for the guy since he was the only Asian I could relate to. I guess...Anyways, Daryl is one of those great, well-rounded characters. He has his moments where you simply hate him, then there are times where you adore him. Daryl is a great character to me. My opinions on Lori are dasiofndsofsdfioewn. So many things can be said about her. But I'm actually surprised that no one has said Rick or Shane yet.

Yea, me either. Usually someone saids them 2. I guess they haven't said Shane because we've only known him for so long, and behind his great actions, were bad actions. So that probably changed some minds. I dunno about Rick, I still think he's pretty cool, the only one to take responsibly, but there's not really anything atm that I could think of that's great about him.
1: daryl
2: merle.
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Daryl wins though. He's just so likeable. He's a great leader, follower, hunter and human being in general. He had a ******** up life but came out as a tough sweet heart so it's awesome. He'd be the best person to stick to in order to survive.
It has to be Michonne. whee
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See?! I've been watching the old seasons again and still have not been able to find another Asian. I've seen Asian zombies, to be sure, but never have I seen another live Asian on The Walking Dead (yet).

In season 3 there's a second Asian you don't learn his name but he's one of the governors men
Michonne for sure!

She is totally innovated with those zombies and finding a way to walk through them....and I love katanas biggrin

I hope she has a bigger part in the next season
Michonne for sure!

She is totally innovated with those zombies and finding a way to walk through them....and I love katanas biggrin

I hope she has a bigger part in the next season

You and me both. Love her character!
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Michonne; the only badass female character that hasn't slept with anyone. yet.
Carol dosen't count.
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Daryl keeps his cool
Daryl. I'd make so many babies with him. Then Glenn because he's a total bad a**. He busted out of a chair and he stabbed a guy with a bone from a walker. Then...Well, I don't know. Probably Carl. I also love Hershel, Dale, and T-Dog.
I don't really like any of the female characters. Lori is awful, Andrea is a c**t, Carol is ok. Michonne and Maggie are pretty cool though.
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Daryl and Glenn heart
Glen. Why? He is one of THE only living Asian you see

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