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I hardly read the comics but I'm looking into it.
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Well I am sure if you look at my signature you can tell which is my favorite. It's Daryl. Followed by Glenn, Dale and Rick. All the women, maybe asides from Maggie, are spazzes. I dislike them all besides Maggie- and starting to get eerked by her too.

I LOVE Daryl for a multitude of reasons. Starting with the actor that portrays him- Norman Reedus. I have been obsessed with him for a looonnnggg while. Then he is just such a rich character that not everyone (including some of those who like him) understands fully. He's really complex, fights with his own demons, struggles with relationships and is the most human in my opinion. His skills that he brings to the table is wonderful.

I also love Glenn- he's one of the most realistic people in the group with a nice skill set and is really loyal to everyone.
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Daryl, isn't it obvious? The siggy says it all. Glenn and Dale(R.I.P) are close seconds and I can't stand any of the women, Lori is a b***h, Andrea is wacked out, Carol is wimpy, and Maggie is irritating. I really hope we get to see more of Daryl in the next season, he barely got any screen time.
Daryl and Rick lol i have to admit, Rick is getting pretty bad a** and Daryl is just a beast lol
Daryl <3 and glenn
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Idunno. I've only watched up to episode 4 of season 1.
He seems funny yet useful. emotion_awesome

I with you on that
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Well Daryl, Rick, and use to be Shane before he got out of line and got Otis killed. Shane was the strongest of the group but not the smartest. Rick has the brains but no-one fully listens and besides that s**t happens so yeah its not always his fault just cause something goes wrong... Then Daryl is a very useful asset to the group b/c of his skills with hunting/tracking.
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Glenn and Daryl and Shane, have been since season 1

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