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Do you think you have what it takes to survive a zombie apocalypse? How long could you stave off the endless hordes of undead? Will your family and friends outlast the outbreak?

I will be the third in the world to die. I can overcome many things but it's hard to fight when you roll up into a ball crying for your mom...yes...pathetic but honest.
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I know I can.
I know where to go, we have some weapons (my family & I)
and 4 different cars.
I have everything ready just need the apocalypse to come >.<

We are a zombie freaks fam. O.O
survivng a zombie out break is easy. i know i will be safe and survive. as for my family, they would survive too if they listen to me. but that usually never happens. i'll just have to take control or be cold and leave them behind.
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I know I would, I live with like 4 guys who know survival like its cake. My dad taught me everything I needed to know, gun safety etc. I know he'd survive he lives in BFE, has horses and an arsenal all his own. I'd be the Daryl of the group, I know how to fish and hunt, and I know how to gut a deer and clean fish. I'm not squeamish, I'm quick on my feet and I dont hesitate. It would just be a matter of how long the zombies could survive really.
i would not crying
I constantly prepare myself mentally for a zombie apocalypse but I think I'd die in the early stages of it. razz
Some people in my family are quite tough. not me through. plus i dont have the courage to pull the tricker on anyone exs[era.y people tnat i use to know. if this event happens i would help my family to surrive then back away i also would want take my own life couse i really dont want to turn into a zombie .

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