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Of course I will, as long as i have the right equipment
or better yet there are some equipment to use
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I'm thinking I could survive, I have a pretty good plan. ^^
I'm a poor runner, I start to hyperventilate when I walk stairs, I suffer from anxiety and I fear bacteria and dirt and all that stuff. Things aren't really looking up for me!

I think I'd try to survive as well as I can but I think I could end up killing myself. At least I'd rather kill myself than be eaten by a zombie, that'd be so painful.
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I don't know I'd survive...I'll probably be one of the first ones dead if there is ever a zombie Apocalyspe sweatdrop
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Easy. I'd go around the neighbours and kill them all before they change, then steal everything food wise and then brick up my doors and windows.

I hope I'm not in your area when it goes down lol
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yes cos i wont do stupid s**t and ill collect all the guns and ammo available
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Yeah I think I would with the group that I would be with.
ninja i most certainly will even if i gotta break out the bonki.
I don't think so. Somebody save me?
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yes cos i wont do stupid s**t and ill collect all the guns and ammo available

That's what she said.
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There is actually a few good articles on the mathematical modeling of a possible zombie apocalypse. Apparently we only have a few months to completely wipe out the zombie race before humans have absolutely no chance of survival. sweatdrop

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