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Could u? biggrin
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I'm too delicious.
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Depends. If I could get outta the town I'm living in: maybe. But there are so many sheeple here I'd probably get trapped.
I don't know. I'm easily scared. crying
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I'm sure I can with my family(there's only the 3 of us). I'd just need to get out of town and get to a remote area.
wow biggrin DDDDD
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I don't think I could take the pressure. I'd probably off myself.
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i dnt think so !
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No, probably not. If I knew what was going on before everyone started panicking then maybe.. But, most likely no. Sai Sakurai=zombie food. Om nom nom.
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I know I could!
I live out in the middle of no where with lots of guns, gas tanks, and shovels.
I'd beat some zombie butt before I ever got close to being bitten.
I'm a survivor!
Bom diggity. Lmao
[******** yea i already got a team!
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Lol.. 3nodding It all depends on what kinda situation I'm on.
I would like to think so. I've helped establish a Zombie Response Team in my area number over 100 people. We've made detailed plans of survival areas, primarily targeting key resources, defensive and secure buildings/areas, points and methods of safe travel, methods of communication, fallback routes, rally points... Are biggest difficulty was establishing a ranking command, and appointing roles. Though very well armed, ammunition could never be plentiful enough, so alternate re-usable weapons are sought just as valuable.

Remember you need food, water, and shelter. Without the modern infrastructure, food and water are hard to get. A creek or river may not be sufficient enough for water, you may need to establish manual water wells, which will be the most effective and safest methods of getting water. Being able to make enough food is a whole other issue in itself that is completely unique as to where you hole up.

Hope you all fair well...

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