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I was so sad shane died, I mean he seemed like an important character. He was also kind of crazy ,and probably if he was still alive...he would kill more people then that heard of zombies attacking the farm. ( The first victim would be rick sad i like him, but he always does that weird stare into the camera..) xd
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They lose a strong combatant. I didn't like it on how Rick killed Shane...

It seems like Shane was going to put his gun down and Rick just suddenly pull a knife out and stabbed Shane... Wat daaa f....

I agree with others here, I expect Shane to be killed when he go really nuts but he didn't..
I'm glad Shane died, the guy was an overall nut to begin with. He finally got what he deserved, really. Plus, who knows who else he'd kill if he were still alive.

He slept with his "best friend's" wife to start with, got away with killing two or three people (I dunno specifically), then he finally lost his s**t.

Every show has their self indulged, moronic character. Shane was that character, and his role is over.
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He slept with his "best friend's" wife to start with,

As true as that is... you do know it takes two to do-the-do, right? This isn't something you can pin completely on him, but not completely on Lori, either.

got away with killing two or three people

Two: Otis and Randal.

Otis was arguably necessary, as it comes down to a simple equation:

Shane death + Otis death = Carl's death.
Shane lives + Otis murder = Carl lives.

Granted, Otis could have done the same thing, but it didn't occur to him since he isn't as off-the-edge as Shane was. This isn't a failing in his character per se', as it is simply more proof that Shane was willing to do what was necessary to protect Carl... that and at this point, he was getting a bit nutty....

Now, Randal was a completely different can of worms, and one that shouldn't have been opened, but there we are. Randal may or may not have been a threat to the group, and I could go on in a long detailed explanation about why this is so, but in short: he had bad friends, and was not exactly in a rush to leave said friends behind.

To me, in this particular scenario, I think it was more than likely necessary.
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Well... I just wasn't expecting it to take as long as it did.
Shane became a psychopath. It wasn't his fault but he could have talked about his feelings rather then let himself get... like that. He lost the woman he loved, the boy he was expecting to raise as his son, the baby that may or may not have been his. He could have done things differently to make his life better rather than resort to murder, sex and manipulation to feel better about himself.
in a way i'm happy but he was one of the main characters so i'm gonna miss him a little bit too. Even if he was acting like a total jerk sometimes!
Kind of but he keeps the tension high. Who will replace his negative, unpredictable role?
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How could Lorie sleep with her husband's best friend?! Didn't Rick and Shane know one another ever since high school? Yeah! s**t! Did she mourn him at all? How long has Rick had a crush on his best friend's wife, anyway? If I were Rick, I'd have been PEE-ODE!! It's stressful enough to wake up to a world full of zombies, but to finally find your family only to realize that your "best friend" has usurped your place!
1. Lori's husband was assumed to be dead. Some people cannot handle this. Some people cannot even handle a divorce. I mention divorce because when my parents broke up, my mother panicked and went to the first person she could: A man she was familiar with, a man who she trusted and a man who could take care of her and her children. Lori did the same when Rick "died". When your stability is taken away, you find a new way to stabilize yourself. Lori found that stability in Shane.

2. Shane kept them safe and took care of them every step of the way from the point where Rick was "dead" to the point where he came back into their lives. After a certain amount of time, the "I need you" turns into false (or real in Shane's case) emotions of "I love you". In a zombie apocalypse I imagine it would take less time for all of this to set in due to the constant threat of death and what have you...

That being said...OP: I hate the fact that Shane died. I really do. He was just getting interesting. I love it when a good character goes mad.

I blame Lorie for warping him. True, the nut might've been just a little cracked, before she began to squeeze, but once she did, (and she DIDN'T have to!) he shattered. I do feel for Shane, in a way. The guilt of leaving Rick behind, not knowing if he would be alright or not. The stress of being responsible for your best friend's wife, AND his child! Death all around you, every way you turned. Not knowing if you would be able to survive the insanity, let alone protect others. No wonder he went nuts!

Take Glen's statement when he was doing the uph with the farm girl, (I thought I would have died tomorrow) something like that
yh im glad hee died he was getting too crazy
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it happened too soon imo. fantastic character.
[******** shane
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I'm glad he's gone, seriously was getting tired of the struggle between him and Rick
Yeah i agree with J lol he went pretty haywire and its not like Rick didnt try to give him chances to back out of it. Lol I just wish Lori wasnt being such a jerk, Maybe its just me lol
I thought I was, but no. He was nuts in the end and he needed to be stopped, but he was still useful overall. Still, I'm curious about how the group will deal now that he's gone.

I still think that heffer Lori needs to go, though. She's awful.
Shane was despicable. I liked the way they handled his death, though.

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