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Oh man, it starts to get pretty good around then/a bit after.

I bet, I am enjoying it a lot, but when I start reading novels everyone wants me to do something and it pulls me away. Odly this doesn't happen when I read comics, but those are short. I will get to finishing the book as soon as I can though.
One question for you, did the ending seem at all predictable?
For me it did when I was reading how different the brothers were (it is what made me skip to the end when you meet Martinez).
I actually didnt think it was too predictable.
how much of the end did you read? just the last page or what?
either way you should definitely try to finish it. Its really great.
And just so crazy how everything happens.

At first it was the last few pages, then to make sense of what I had just read I ended up reading the last two chapters with philip, brian, and nick. I am trying not to say what happens for those that will get on my butt... but yeah I will finish it, I plan to.
why would you do that gonk

It was a burning feeling in my sould. I just had to know. lol I don't mind spoilers, it is how they get there that really makes me happy.