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The show would be gay without him, I like how he causes conflict around people.
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Honestly he's my favorite character in the series at this point. Anybody out there actually like him? I see a whooooole lota haters and not much else.

.not going to hate you liking him but i must know... WHY?
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I lot of sociopaths seem to.
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Yukino Makoto-kun
Old Blue Collar Joe

If Ed hadn't started beating on his wife there, Shane would have walked off and calmed down. Ed got exactly what was needed at that time.
And no one said they don't still have morals. The problem is, all the touchy feelies think you can have bake sales and hug out all the problems in that world. You have to take the hard line, or you wind up being meat in the grinder.
Yes, Shane crosses lines, but Dale flat out hid from everything. He really didn't do a damn thing but whine and b***h and stick his nose in everyone else business.
I actually commend Shane, because if he'd have stolen my groups guns and I'd have found him preparing to bury them? He'd have been dead on the spot, and I wouldn't have discussed it. Disarming everyone but himself because HE thought it was the 'right thing to do' was utter bullshit.

As I pointed out, I don't think Shane would have "walked off and cooled down". I very much believe he just would've waited for some other opportunity to lash out at someone else. And if he didn't have an "acceptable" target, then he just would've bottled his rage up until he just lashes out at anybody. That's what unstable people do.

And don't mouth off that "touchy-feely" bullshit. Just because some people prefer to think first and try to be merciful doesn't mean they can't make the hard and necessary decisions. A perfect example is with the walkers in the barn. Yes, they were dangerous. Shane had his nice little manly chest beating I Am Alpha Male Hear Me Roar moment. But when Sophia came out of the barn, he was as dumbstruck and unable to do anything as everyone else. It was Rick who was the one to pull the trigger. It's Rick who is always making the decisions that no one else wants to make. He's the leader because everyone trusts that he'll do what's best.

That being said, if Shane was in my group, doing this same bullshit, I'd have knifed him in his sleep a long time ago. Because that's a hard decision that has to be made. Shane is unstable and dangerous.

See, I haven't said a word about Rick. Rick is walking on a fence, and he has issues at times. Does Shane go over the edge? Yep. But claiming he'd have waited to go after someone else? Let's go ahead and disprove that, since Dale, in spite of all his whining, didn't get his a** beat on any of the occasions that he actually deserved it.
Rick is a better leader. That isn't an issue. But as far as who is more useless? That was Dale. Well, between him and Lori.

Dale was a lookout, a good mechanic, and kept the group making logical decisions.

Pretty important individual.

And I'd say Shane would have attacked a random person too.

At first they made you want to think that Shane could have been a good guy becuase he attacked a bad guy.

To keep people guessing.

I mean, sure the guy deserved it, but that's not really why Shane did it, as his character's behavior has shown.
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Honestly he's my favorite character in the series at this point. Anybody out there actually like him? I see a whooooole lota haters and not much else.
I like Shane because he accepts how the world is now and no can be trusted nor to show any mercy to. Although he should show more control over things.
Aranha Allah
.not going to hate you liking him but i must know... WHY?

Because he was logical about the world they lived in and the way it needed to be done. I can't stand the "hug me" attitude most people think that sort of world would have and none would survive like that.

Shane had anger issues but he was controllable. Then that damn b***h, Lori had to go screw up a nearly resolved situation by tossing her feeling up in Shane's face. I hate her so much.

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