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i watched parts cos do u know how many chanelz were showing it i figured if 50 channels wanted to cover it i would watch they were on the balcony they kissedthen planes flew over then i fliked over telling my sister i dont care if u want to watchit there are more important things (tho i liked the bridesmaid dress)
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Heavy Artillery
Hurricane Chrono
Heavy Artillery
2:00, mofo.

Not everyone lives in your timezone :I

I really don't care about accuracy in other areas kthx. talk2hand

Thenyou have no right to complain about the wedding rofl

Um, and this is relevant why? lol
It wa on at 11am - 2pm ^_^ not half one in the morning
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1 AM here.
Already had a slow day when it happened, just wanted to sleep and be the next day..
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Hurricane Chrono
hey i didnt
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I watched it streaming on YouTube. I'm a sucker for those things. whee
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not me i cant even stay up that late any more and for me they said it was going to be on at 4:00am in my time zone and thats to early for me to get up only time i get up that early is if i am vollenteering at the yankee air musame that day
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I, with my fantastic timing, woke up just in time to watch the balcony kiss at 7:30ish a.m. here.

It was an important moment, but I'm not entirely sure why.
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First off, I didn't stay up mainly because I needed to sleep before school.
Second, I'm certain the internet will soon enough have footage for people to see for years to come.
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Not me. 8D ...I couldn't care less. I'm not British.

I am, and I DON'T care.
I slept through the whole thing.
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I couldn't care less whose getting married. It doesn't affect me in the slightest. Now, if they do something that's actually noteworthy, like bring peace to a war stricken country or something, then I'll care. But not before.
Kagaku burisu

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the only reason i even woke up s because my mom had the volume all the way up and the first thing i hear is "SHES AT THE ALTER" i was a bit pissed sweatdrop
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I completely missed it.
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Not meh! biggrin I didn't want to watch some British people getting married. I don't live there so I don't really care. I mean if they was still important people then ya I would care. But they are just snooty rich mother ******** that married their own family through out the years making more "Royal Blood" it is stupid.

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