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What u think about Kate's Dress?

Ugly 0.051428571428571 5.1% [ 9 ]
Pretty 0.52 52.0% [ 91 ]
Okay-Maybe 0.10857142857143 10.9% [ 19 ]
Classic 0.29142857142857 29.1% [ 51 ]
I didn't like at all 0.028571428571429 2.9% [ 5 ]
Total Votes:[ 175 ]
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Lady__Miko said it best

I'm sick of it. I didn't watch the wedding but it's hard to get on the internet and not see her pictures. I've also seen a lot of comments here like:

"oh it's so elegant and simple and that's how Kate should be."

If "simple" was what she was trying to communicate wearing that dress, the outfit is pretentious. She and her hubby are spending millions on this wedding which is going to risk billions from the UK economy. With such a lavish wedding during such economic turmoil the last thing I think when I think about Kate's attitude towards this wedding is how modest of means she is. So all these comments about how it's good that it's plain because it's "simple" rubs me the wrong way. I didn't like the lace sleeves either, I'm not going to lie. Hope she didn't sweat in that fabric around her arms. Goodness, I've seen prom dresses that would've appeared less pretentious and cost far less :p
I don't know... I think the sleeves looked like they were made out of old net curtains. I didn't see the evening dress, but it's more then likely it was nicer than the wedding dress. Hope mine's nicer than that when I get married! sweatdrop
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I wasn't exactly impressed. I've seen nicer dresses on SYttD. =/
I didn't like it. I know that they are supposed to stick to traditions and stuff like that but I thought it was just way to old fashioned.
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i loved it
I liked it!
Simple but beautiful. whee
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I loved it. She won't be looking back and cringing because she went with what is in at the moment.
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often less is more. what a beautiful wedding, and a beautiful princess.
it simplier than i taught
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        I thought it was this one?
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Well, the dress didn't upstage the woman, that's for sure. Kate is lovely, but her dress was just "meh". Fairly '50s. And will someone tell me what the heck is up with the train? Why do people think it looks good to drag 10 yards of material behind them?
i love the way she looked in her dress
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The dress was beautiful and very much her style. I think there should be an understated beauty and grace to a future queen.
women will be copying her style for years.
I thought her dress was extremely elegant. Plain and simple yet stunning! 4laugh heart
I really liked her dress, it was simple but beautiful.

And about hurting Britain's economy, I think the wedding would help the economy if anything. Lots of people traveled there, everyone was watching it. I'm sure Britain was selling a lot of merchandise, at the balcony where the kiss took place, everyone was waving flags and what not. c:

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