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You can try to justify the cost all you want but as an English person I still think it's ridiculous that we are charged income tax for some f it to go t some people who were just born into the right family to use.
Also its ridiculous that considering that with my taxes i've helped fund the wedding that I didn't receive an invite. not that i would have gone anyway.

Do you realize how much more this wedding would cost if every person possible had been invited? The nuptuals alone would be like a royal suicide pact for your whole country.

All the people complaining should've gotten up and done something if they were really in it for something other than the right to cry. We just just had a vote yesterday for a new library (the old one is perfectly fine, but our officials don't feel like fixing it up) that would have sent our taxes into the clouds. Almost everyone voted it down because we knew it wasn't needed.


every application for a peaceful protest or march was denied.
any person who MIGHT have complained who is in the media spotlight - and let's not forget every single peaceful protest is IGNORED by the national media, with the only kind of coverage exclusively focusing on the extreme minority who riot - was placed under protective arrest on fake charges (some for "suspicion", some for fake charges they had already been cleared of) for the duration of the wedding.
people who were just peacefully protesting within London, nowhere near the procession or the crowds or the celebrations were a) forcibly contained, b) forcibly dispersed and c), placed under arrest on false charges with no declaration of the arrest by plain-clothes policemen.

there is a correct way for angry citizens to demonstrate to their elected officials that they are angry. and we were denied that right for the duration of the royal wedding.
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Alexander J Luthor
If I had inherited leadership without putting any work into it and were having a rather large wedding, I would also give money to charity to divert everyone's attention from the fact that I'm an average person who doesn't deserve royalty. The idea that posting these numbers and the explanation that goes with it will stop the complaining is crazy. People aren't stupid. Inherited leadership should never be rewarded and these people aren't even deserving of a working man's income. Do the prince and princess even work for a living?

You do know all of the years of schooling and the service in the military William has gone through were meant to prepare him for this role, right? He will also be leading the armed forces of the crown when the time comes. He'll also lead church of England.

There should be a law somewhere that states how the people in this day and age can get rid of the monarchy... I wonder where that is.

he will be the nominal head of the armed forces. they will be led by generals and senior officers.
he will be the nominal head of the church of england. it will be led by dr rowan williams, the archbishop of canterbury.

the monarch's role in these affairs is one of a nominal figurehead. they do nothing.

what you're looking for is a "revolution". of course it's not enshrined in law. rolleyes

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