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Last I heard, she was just a Duchess (of Cambridge). I've been hearing people refer to her as Princess, but is she really one? I'm just wondering. ninja
Well,she did marry a prince. xD
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Yeah i think Kate's a princess now smile
It was a good wedding
yes she is a princess
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i think she is both actually
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People are referring to her that way, but she doesn't officially have that title and never will.
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She's not a princess she's the Duchess of Cambridge.
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i think shes a dutchess
She married royalty, but she isn't. People get this confused all the time. When Queen Elizabeth II married (i forgot his name) He became Dutch, and so has Catherine. Might i just say, I'd prefer her to be a lady then a commoner.
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Catherine's title is Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge. She is indeed a princess or they would not call her Her Royal Highness. Besides, before Prince Charles and Princess Diana were married, Diana was not a princess.
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The queen's mother lived to be around a hundred, I believe. The queen could quite possibly outlive Prince Charles...if that happened...William would become King and Kate would become Queen. She is indeed a princess now...but their first formal title is Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Many more titles will come assuming they both live long and healthy lives together.

I wonder if royals sign pre-nups? Or is a pre-nup more an American thing? I also wonder if the pressure is still there for a queen or potential queen to have a male heir?
yea she is a princess smile
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She's married to the Prince.
I suppose that technically makes her a Princess now.
I keep wondering if, whenever William does become King, will that make her Queen or King's Consort?
Because although the British have a Queen, and she has a husband, he is NOT King.
: o

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