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Should royalty marry commoners?

Yes, of course! Love is love! 0.76026174895895 76.0% [ 1278 ]
No, never. They should stay in their own class. 0.048185603807258 4.8% [ 81 ]
Totally indifferent/don't care. 0.14217727543129 14.2% [ 239 ]
What?! There's a wedding?! 0.049375371802499 4.9% [ 83 ]
Total Votes:[ 1681 ]
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as long as you love someone you should marry him/her regardless of the title...well to be safe i think you should pick someone who acts royalty...by royalty i mean with grace and all not acting all superior...

ninja pirate pirate ninja
oh come on! of course they can get married. think of cinderella. xp heart sorry i am weird like that lol
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why not? it would be a useless debate
its about love
not the heavy price on their heads
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Why not? If you love some one and they love you, it shouldn't matter if what class their in. smile heart
In this day and age I don't really think it matters at all. We long ago as a race stopped believing that some people were born better than others.
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Of course royalty should marry commoners once in a while! That way they avoid the "three thumbs" rule!
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Deserved royalty doesn't exist unless you work your way up to it and become such a fuhrer that you crown yourself. This man is merely an heir; the world does not yet know if he's prince material. However, his family knows he is because he'll end up having power over a country no matter how unintelligent he is. This system is called a monarchy.
If it was true love it doesn't matter how much money you have<3
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If the "commoner" has intelligence, a "strong head on his/her shoulders", class
and has good leadership skills then in my opinion, it doesn't matter if he or she is royal or commoner...
You have to think about whether or not they will rule England well;
thats what they'll end up doing eventually.

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